LG is ready WebOS 3.0, I know the TVs in CES 2016

LG WebOS 3.0

Every time I encounter news about webOS, remember how nice it would have if a planet with a mobile alternative as it was conceived in Palm, and passed through many hands who failed polishing.Where else it seems to be sweeping path is on the TVs from LG, that this January will receive the third major update of the operating system.

WebOS 3.0 is as will be known, and the CES 2016 the place to meet. As usual in LG, Koreans anticipate what is going to bring to the event on technology; unfortunately the details and images that share will not let us get too deep into the changes.

LG WebOS 3.0
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LG is aware that their TVs have to be the best way for streaming content from the network and from mobile devices.

We can anticipate that the changes will not come from the point of view of appearance, something that was already considered a good level.

The new features come at modernizing the LG Smart TVs to become more powerful, less dependent on other devices such as set-top boxes: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Google Chromecast.

WebOS 3.0 is released with a visualization system from two different sources at the same time. It is possible to put two television screens, or placed on a Blu-ray while watching TV. This shared view is not new in the world of smart TVs, Tizen does too, but it’s okay to be included as standard in version 3.0.

Also new is an application for listening to music through the TV speakers, with the possibility of switching the screen.

Much Magic

In the case of the connected display, which is obviously usual, one of the new things is called Magic Zoom, which allows us to increase portions lossless screen (this will have much to do with the quality of the source).

Magic Magic Remote and Mobile Connection also brings innovations under his arm. The second allows us to see our smartphone applications TV, while the former is the joystick, now lead better with other devices beyond TV.

Finally we have a system of recommendation contained within the options and Channel Plus Channel Advisor. The system analyzes what you see and try to predict what you would see on screens presenting the proposals.

WebOS 3.0 will come standard on the LG TVs that will be presented at CES, which will open catalog Koreans 2016 on updating existing models, not a word, but we understand that it will be possible in the majority. In addition if you are Searching for the best sound on the TV: The speakers to the bars and home cinema are the best for you.

We do not forget layoffs

Less than a week after news broke about LG layoffs in the division responsible for developing WebOS, specifically talking about 20 members in Silicon Valley. The Koreans made ​​it clear that this had nothing to do with the efforts being made ​​in the platform, which will remain a priority, it just needed to be more efficient.

LG is organized internally so that who make the product user interface and closer together, are also interested in trying to WebOS beyond the TVs, or at least progress that can be exploited.

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