Curved screens not only living man and the Samsung KS7000 is a good example 4K TVs

Samsung KS7000

Today the curved screens users try to scratch here and there, but we are still few who remain faithful to flat panels. A group of screens like the inhabitants of Gaul against the Romans resist against the advance of the curve.

And in this sense Samsung has very good proposals on both sides, such as the Samsung KS7000, the flat screen TV twin brother of Samsung KS75000 the only difference that the presence of the curve on the panel.

Opting for a sleek design

It is a member of the new Samsung Series 7, which seeks to provide the best image quality and who do we have to make a large outlay. In addition, that in this case we are talking about a model with a diagonal of 65 inches, there is nothing. However, the available measures are of sizes 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches.

Samsung KS7000
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Samsung has taken care of the design, the same as other products in its catalog and over other manufacturers as is the case of Sony, continues to offer models where the frames are almost nonexistent giving the feeling of infinity in the image. It’s just an impression, but the absence (almost) frame is very good. The minimalist feel complete the base with supports at the ends, but where it fails slightly is at the rear, with a plastic finish not too good quality.

In addition, note that this cleaning in the design of the rear has a reason for being. Where the connections are can ask the user? For apart, as the Samsung models has an expansion kit (Samsung Evolution Kit) so that “old” screens could upgrade your Smart side to the latest versions.

The problem, all connections go outside the box, spoiling the whole design, alongside the serial Evolution Kit comes to offering great limitations in number of ports and the quality of them. If we opt for a Samsung Evolution Kit up to the connections of other models, we have to go through box and purchased separately or opt for a superior TV model.

Samsung adds all its technology in this series

This Samsung model is characterized by offering a price more content than the series 8 and 9 of the company itself and in which we find technologies like Quantum Dot Color to feed a panel of 10-bit resolution SUHD 4K and support for the 1000 HDR system.

Along with the aforementioned technologies makes also makes use of Precision Black Blacks have to improve (the distance with LG OLED panels is still important) and UHD Dimming and Ultra Black to increase the contrast and reduce glare.

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We are talking about a model with 4K resolution, for which the system has SUHD Remastering Engine that handles scale images of lower resolution. The result is optimum if we come from images in 720p or 1080p, but when the source is the traditional TDT, we have in Spain, the resulting (as in all 4K panels) is lousy. An image of a low quality and very poorly defined.

In addition, like any good Smart TV presumed to be, must offer software at the level and for that this model Samsung has Tizen OS as base system on which all applications work, moving the whole thanks to a quad nuclei.

It remains to be seen if the combination Smart Hub and Tizen OS is able to compete with other proposals such as for example in WebOS or Android LG TV models from Sony.

Regarding connectivity, the Series 7 features a Digital Audio Output (Optical), 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB inputs, input network (LAN), RF Input (Terrestrial / Cable Input / Input Satellite), 1 HDMI A / return to Canal and Wi-Fi integrated in the same apparatus.

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