If you want to improve the sound in your home here are some options

improve the sound

The holidays arrive and many of us have more openings to fill our free time with leisure in which engage in activities that the rest of the year we sometimes are more elusive.

One may be to enjoy a good film session at home or our favorite series and if you already have a screen that attach to your needs and do not need to make with any either high – end or more affordable, you may just missing you complete the circle with a good sound device that enhances our experience.

In addition, although it seems lie and do not value it, a bad audio can ruin our experience when watching a movie, series or enjoy a concert on TV. Therefore, to avoid this we will know what the alternatives to using a stereo at home are.

improve the sound
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Looking for the ideal connection

First, let’s see what type of connection used and in this sense we can review the special connections a few days ago. In this sense, all bets go through using the HDMI cable, most prominent connection when connecting a stereo to your television. Mainly for compatibility with HDMI ARC.

The HDMI connection offers the ability to send video and audio (up to 7.1) via a single cable and a good sound quality, although it is not the only alternative.

Another of the most used is the optical connection, with which we can use up to 5.1 sounds and yes, we cannot send the same cable image, only sound. In addition, although it is cheaper than the HDMI connection, the problem posed is that in long cable lengths can see some signal loss.

Finally, we have the connection 3.5 mm-mini jack. Only allows us stereo sound, is not the most advisable but that you speakers is very economical cable and these can lead to large distances.

Sound bars ideal solution for small spaces

If at home, we do not have much space to mount a full set of home theater we can choose to make use of sound bars. We found options ranging from sound systems 2.1 up to 7.1 and all we have seen a progression of quality in the latest models.

They are not complete sound systems, but their efforts to emulate virtually surround sound but small rooms or just to watch a movie in the traditional DTT channels is more than enough.

There is a wide variety in price and performance also will allow systems multi room, connection to other devices via Bluetooth or NFC for streaming audio and all with more than enough quality. If you are interested these are some of the soundest bars, we’ve tested quality.

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Sound via A / V receivers

If you do not have space problems, the number of available options is much higher. So we could make use of an A / V receiver, as this type of device will allow us a lot of options when configuring the sound for more quality and a better experience.

Next to receiver A / V is important to make a good selection of speakers , so that once we have chosen can connect to achieve take home a complete home cinema. Yes, the price will be higher than other equipment such as sound bars or the home theater systems as an integrated media player. In this sense and looking not drown your pocket.

Home theater systems with player

In addition, if you want to leave complications, always you can opt to choose a home full cinema that usually comes to you even with 4K Blu-ray player or integrated. They are teams with a wide range of prices from which to choose, as with many configurations ranging from 2.1 to 5.1 or even more popular 7.1 systems if you want more quality.

As you can see, ** alternatives for all needs, tastes and budgets, which is critical when it comes to get one of these teams. And all with a great sound quality to turn your living room into a small home theater room.

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