A smart trash bin? Qube you saw the kitchen and helps you recycle

smart trash bin

Inevitably, we will get to know more and more everyday gadgets that technology adds them to integrate into the connected home. Sometimes it seems an exaggerated movement, others, we must recognize that come with big ideas. Anyway, until we have them at home, at a moderate price, we will not know if we’re going to really make life easier.

The case before us today has to do with a dustbin, intelligent and connected, helping us to recycle more and have these responsibilities neat and clean. It is called Qube and comes in different models, according to sizes and colors, but many common technologies…

smart trash bin
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Many design in a dustbin

The design “cube” is quite accomplished, why deny it, it is no place for different compartments in which go by placing the appropriate type of waste. Most striking is that it has a motorized door, so she gets up to bring the hand.

It seems easy and simple to use, incorporating things like a bag dispenser for when finished those in the compartments. The outside of Qube is constructed of stainless steel, in two colors: black and white.

What technology uses Qube?

As there are a lot of sensors in there, as that lets us know the weight of each compartment, or parameters such as temperature, humidity and the presence of elements. To inform us of the main details we have a 4.3 – inch screen in the cube itself, plus four LEDs.

You need energy to run, obviously, but it will not plug into the mains but pulling rechargeable batteries that can last up to four weeks. As for connectivity, it brings WiFi and a USB port.

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Qube eliminates odors through the use of a system christened Cleanbin, which is nothing but a cushion to absorb odors made from natural elements. They take a couple of months.

There are also mobile applications

Qube is always connected to the WiFi home network, making it turn be present on our mobile phones through an application designed for management.

Here we are reporting about our recycling and waste control, reporting on the kilos that we generate, or if we are bags. From a distance we also know parameters such as humidity or temperature in the cubes.

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