To wash clothes while we exercise? This bike-washing will actually

In recent years, we have seen how some companies engaged in efforts to create the new generation of appliances, which already have internet connection and our smartphone, they are able to show the status of their tasks in real time as well as anticipated before next activities, among other things, but in the end, all maintain the same essence and ability to do what they have always done.

Wash your cloth with exercise
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It is, therefore, interesting to see when given a turn to objects that have been with us for several years, and when they can be combined, thus having two objects in one, each focused on their task but through the same activity as now in the case of this bicycle with integrated washing machine.

BWM: Stationary bike washing clothes

Under a project of industrial design and engineering, a group of students from the University Dalian Nationalities in China has created an interesting device that links the sometimes tedious task of washing clothes and doing the exercise using a stationary bike.

The project is called BWM Bike Washing Machine and combines two seemingly unrelated activities in a single device. This bike instead of the front wheel have a small drum washing machine, which has a capacity of up to five kilograms of clothing complete with a drainage system, the only detail is that we have to carry clothes, water, and detergent addition softener.

Wash your cloth with exercise
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The idea is EXTREMELY simple, as the drum rotates while pedaling the bike, but also has an additional feature, since the pedaling motion generates energy, which can be used to charge devices, feeding a screen that shows our progress in a bike, or stores it for later.

This is just a student project and so far there are no plans to create a commercial product, but its creators are convinced that some companies may be interested in developing it as well as improve and integrate new elements and features. Visit for more article like this.

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