This induction cooker allows you to control the cooking temperature accurately

Induction cooker

No matter how modern kitchens that are current, when heating the containers often the only option is to change the intensity of the fire or electricity in a number of preset levels. The food will warm a function of time we let her cooking, without possibility to control its temperature.

Control Freak wants to change precisely this situation by offering precise control of the temperature at which food is cooking, you can select between 30° and 250° C so that it is she who is responsible to keep an eye on us.

Induction cooker
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It is a hob induction that has a dual control system. The first is located in its own base and is responsible for measuring the temperature of the container. The second comes as a probe that we insert in food and taking into account the information from the first sensor ends to adjust the intensity of the system to maintain constant temperature.

Once the optimum cooking we say it, Control reached Freak is responsible for keeping a maximum of 72 hours, giving us the option to change it at any time and what is more interesting, to schedule specific instructions with different patterns that can introduce through a USB port.

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Price and Availability

Is the main drawback of the invention? Well, for the moment it is only available in the United States and for a price of no less than $1799.

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