Philips Lighting updated its catalog to offer lighting solutions for every need

Philips lighting

Every time we care more aspects of our home than before perhaps went unnoticed and one of the most valued now often is the lighting. We seek not only a beautiful or decorative lamp, but now we also want the lighting itself in yes collaborate to give another go to our home and pace that is energy efficient.

In this regard, manufacturers have been stepping up and often have in their catalogs with solutions that cater to a variety of situations. And is that just as not all people are equal, not all households the same type of lighting is required. So one of the marks references in this segment is Philips, who wants to make sense of that expression is as well known as that of my house is my castle.

Therefore, Philips Lighting, a division of the company dedicated to lighting, has presented its new ranges of bulbs and lamps intended to bring light home lighting beyond. Something that is given by a striking figures. Only 10% of households have regulatory or other devices that allow changes in lighting and therefore they will facilitate the most appropriate light for the moment.

The new ranges of lamps and bulbs Philips Lighting offer different proposals for design and decoration for every home. Consider that choose home lighting is not just thinking about quality and quantity of light, but also in how we experience the light and choices of shapes and materials of the lamps.

Philips lighting
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Smart Volume

We started with the range Smart Volume. Consists of a series of lamps designed with voluminous shapes, high quality ductile materials and neutral colors are inspired by the repetition of a pattern or shape. This family serves as an interface to create effects of light and shadow in the rooms. When illuminated, the shape of the lamps create light and shadow that can transform any room into a different space.

New Vintage

The second family called New Vintage, retro responds to the growing trend in which we live. It is based on lamps iconic classic designs of the 50s, made of metal, incorporating LED technology. These include the Philips Beauvais, inspired by the original “Z” lamp designed by Louis Kalff 1957. It is a lamp that will give the room a touch like that gives its name to the family … vintage.

Natural Home

The third series of the range presented is Natural Home. A family of lamps incorporating soft shades of white and gray color. It combines the use of LED luminance with natural materials like wood and textiles, and seeking harmony and feeling clean. This range has finishes that bring a sophisticated aesthetic that blends modern and avant-garde spaces.

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Filament bulbs

Again we return to a retro aesthetic touch mixed with a certain industrial air. The bulb filament seen reminiscent missing incandescent bulbs. It is offering decorative solutions while having excellent light quality, something that surely appreciate the nostalgic users or those who want to give a retro touch to your home.

Bulb SceneSwitch

The range of bulbs SceneSwitch offers different light scenes to adapt the space to the various activities in a single product. They are easy to install light bulbs (plug and play), which allow you to change the light depending on the needs, without the need for a dimmer as they come with auto-scene memory. It regulates the intensity (800 to 80 lumens) and color temperate (between 2700 and 2200 Kelvin) is achieved luminance recreate the right to work, read a book or relax watching TV.

Connected lamps

This is a family of lamps connected to allow white light adapted to different needs. These lamps work connected with a switch, a wireless controller or through the application of Philips Hue. Four recipes are programmed with light, designed to be used throughout the day in any type of activity. Whether for relaxation, reading, concentration or energy, this family plays with color temperature (between 6500 and 2200 Kelvin). They are also compatible with the ecosystem Philips Hue, so we can include them and control them from a mobile device.

Philips Hue motion sensor

The latest addition to ecosystem Hue is a motion sensor that allows home control lights through movement of hands and footsteps. Easily configurable, completely wireless and with great autonomy, it has a solar detection device, so that only active lighting at night. The system allows you to connect up to 12 sensors for full coverage of home. It is directly linked to the application of Philips Hue and is compatible with all products of the Philips Hue family.

A wide range of products that bind to the manufacturer’s catalog and constitute a point within the wide range with which we already have on the market. A temptation to switch to lighting quality and test the LED lighting in our home.

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