How to detect faults in our microwave


The microwave is the perfect place to heat food or drinks we want in seconds or minutes apparatus, but many times the system may fail or function incorrectly. To avoid complications and have to resort to buying a new appliance, we are going to teach to detect and remedy the most common faults.

Ways to detect malfunction in the microwave

Many times, even if there is a malfunction, our microwave can continue to operate but emit a series of signals that we are going to indicate a problem.

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I teach to detect:

The microwave does not heat and smells of ozone: In this case, may be due to problems in the magnetron or high voltage diode. Over the years, there are parts that can wear out or be damaged, but we must not throw it away because here you will find both the magnetron microwave as the high voltage diode that will return life to your appliance.

Flashing when heating Operation: This fairly common fault, it can result from a bad state of high voltage capacitor or a problem with the power switch. In the second case if the relay and its contacts are damaged or burnt can cause the microwave malfunction. Our advice is you replace the condenser microwave new one.

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The timer runs but does not heat: The buttons and timers are the pieces that often suffer wear over time. A failure can thus have easy solution with the replacement of the controls and keypads microwave.

Heated but does not have light: This fairly common problem in many of our microwave is easy solution and we find it more convenient to check that food heated follow the normal process. Replace the bulb with a new appliance always disconnected from the stream.

There are many other faults that can make our microwave emits strange sounds or vibrations, odors and even fumes. It is best to have a situation like that you call on experts who will advise which piece is the one that must be replaced.

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