A folding machine clothes! Innovation we all expected … Or not?

A folding machine

First there was the washer, then the dryer, and now comes the bending machine, so our laundry room should have a good size if we have three machines there.

FoldiMate is a machine that promises to save several hours a year in folding clothes, since according to its creators average person spends about 750 days of his life in washing clothes, of which 375 are for folding clothes, yes, one year I lost our lives in folding clothes! Therefore, they have created the “perfect” machine to invest in other things that lost year, does it sound good? For us know it in detail.

A folding machine
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FoldiMate, the machine automatically folding clothes

Its creators say it is “the biggest innovation in laundry after washing it”, but hey, we split. FoldiMate is a machine that offers hang up 20 clothes fresh from the dryer, so that a pair of robotic arms bend each of the garments and we delivered on a tray, also it has a steam cleaner to reduce wrinkles and spray perfume or fabric softener to give it that extra touch garments each package.

On paper it might sound good, but it is noteworthy that we should hang each of the garments in each grid, the maximum capacity is 20, so most likely need to repeat the task several times; this machine is not compatible with clothing or very large or very small, such as towels, sheets, underwear and socks, so in this case we will have to keep doubling this type of clothing.

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But the most important point of all is that so far there is no functional prototype FoldiMate, so this becomes a test of faith, as its creators hope to put on sale in 2018, while in 2017 triggered reserves where people can buy it for a price to be around $850, not cheap, but we must also add the use of special capsules for perfume, softener and steam.

Ah! Moreover they promise that in the future FoldiMate receive OTA updates to add new forms of bending, because we must mention that it also has WiFi connection. Anyway! For more tips visit http://spottingit.com/.

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