How to buy a new refrigerator, good and inexpensive guide

Buy a refrigerator

Humans, at least once in life, must pass a litmus test that will measure your integrity as a person.

The death of the refrigerator or according to experts is the apocalypse of the kitchen. We have compiled the best tips and tricks in this definitive guide to buying a new, nice and cheap refrigerators without dying in the attempt.

Your fridge just died, yes, but at least you’re still alive. And note that even your worst enemy ever have to deal with something like that, so quiet, I am strong and do not let the useless fridge embitter your existence. Of course, you’re going to get, or if you give a good enough food.

Even the most amateur sense that first when buying a refrigerator is to measure the space where you will put in the kitchen. But not enough to measure the height: a fridge too wide may be trapped forever in the front door or elevator.

To avoid a disaster of such magnitude sure to correctly measure the height, width, depth of the hole and, if you do not want to risk more than necessary, the total distance that you have to open the door. Otherwise, you touch you juggle daily.

Nor is it more thought to what side you intend to open the door of your new refrigerator, although much of the current feature reversible doors.

Buy a refrigerator
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Where to place your new refrigerator?

Maybe you’ve gotten this far without stopping to think about exactly where you want to put your new refrigerator. There are theories for all tastes, but it is best to be guided by common sense … as long as you have it, of course.

It is not advisable to place the refrigerator next to the hob or in the oven, but sometimes there is no choice. Nor it pays to receive direct sunlight, because it will need more energy to cool and that will be reflected directly in your pocket.

For example, recommended insulation panels or, failing that, keep at least 3 cm separations from the gas and electric cookers or 30 cm in the case of diesel and coal Kitchens.

Although modern refrigerators have an advanced design, ensure that you will not be totally embedded in the wall caught by bottom or the sides because in that case it will overheat and spend more. Refrigerators also need to breathe.

Types of refrigerators: measures and classes

The new industry has evolved in recent years mobile phones. If you have not set foot while an appliance store will have to take paper and pen.

What kind of refrigerator is better? It all depends on the needs and tastes of each home. The theory is that a bachelor who spends all day outside the home will not have the same model as a large family, but life is so complicated.

Before nonagenarians with the thousand and one different types of refrigerators, keep in more or less, how high will suit you own. As already mentioned, it is not definitive because what really matters is the net capacity of both the refrigerator and freezer and if you need more than one thing or another.

  • Up to 150cm: The minibar and under counter refrigerators fall into this category. They are not very common in homes, but if you just go use the fridge at home could serve to save money.
  • 170 cm to 185cm: Refrigerating medium.One of the most common, especially in two-door refrigerators combo options.
  • 185cm to 195cm: Large refrigerators with a sufficient size for a large family, fairly widespread from the nineties.
  • Over 195 cm: Refrigerators larger, a useful solution for families but a bad choice if you just going to keep things inside.
  • 150 cm to 170 cm: Small refrigerators. A recommended for singles who tread the kitchen once a month option.

The above classification should not be definitive, but a small orientation guide to focus on two or three refrigerated sections of different sizes, always with a watchful eye on the real capacity of each refrigerator.

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Refrigerator door: Look out! They are only refrigerators have no function to freeze food. And yet they have their own market, especially among those who are going to buy every day or those who already have a separate freezer home elsewhere. You can find them in three formats: minibar, under counter and traditional with a large capacity.

Refrigerator two doors: They were the kings of the market for some time and are still an option for many people because they are inexpensive but are unsatisfactory because ergonomically frozen resting on top and fruits and vegetables are at the foot. That it is a solution to take into account in an apartment on the coast, since during the summer the freezer is a priority.

Combo refrigerators: Two-door also, but in this case with the freezer on the bottom and fruit and vegetables in the most convenient location. Many countries that choose this type of models, present in 8 out of 10 households according to a study by the OCU. They have a good quality / price ratio even on models with the most efficient of all energy consumption.

Refrigerators side by side: Popularly known as American refrigerators. The traditional lead -Side Refrigerators with the freezer to the fridge left and right. Often they have water and ice dispenser and represent an interesting for large families for its ability option.

French door refrigerators: As Americans have two vertical doors, but between two cooling zones to optimize consumption and relegates the freezer at the bottom. They also tend to be large.

Four-door refrigerators: Natural evolution of French-door models. It includes an intermediate flexible drawer that can serve as a separate rapid cooling or freezing reserved for the higher ranges.

Refrigerated food case: Reinterpreting exclusive Samsung, with two doors on the cooling zone: one for daily food and one for the most durable. I also reserved for the higher ranges, with remarkable balance of performance and energy efficiency.

Essential features for a refrigerator

Noise: A detail often ignored when it comes to buying a new refrigerator but it is essential that a noisy fridge is the worst enemy for peace at home. Much better if the manufacturer guarantees that the works at full capacity below 45 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound that exists in a library.

Customization: A fixed fridge can be a complete nightmare on your birthday or, for example, during Christmas. A good tip to choose between a refrigerator and other is to look at the number of trays and adjustable shelves available because sooner or later you’ll need.

No Frost: Although it is a fairly common feature continues to be almost essential when buying a refrigerator because it eliminates the requirement to defrost at least once a year to remove the ice sheets that are forming inside compartments. If you live in a warm area as recommended it is a total non-frost, in the refrigerator as in the freezer part.

Capacity: Who all trades, any grandmother would say and rightly so. Having a refrigerator in accordance with your needs will mean a more efficient and therefore save on electricity bills. For someone just 125 liters between fridge and freezer, while a family with four people will need about 500 liters. It is also important if you need more or less space to freeze.

Cold differentiated areas: Unthinkable in older models, differentiates food and isolating odors, which lengthens the shelf life of foods or, for example, the super cooling of bottles and cans. One feature that has advanced in recent years and is more attractive to the consumer.

Temperature control: Some refrigerators only to control the temperature once opened the door, which obviously reduces their energy efficiency. It should not be a reason to exclude a model, but to highlight one above another.

Water and ice dispenser: Some could not live without it, especially in summer. In contrast, though, you must incorporate water to the refrigerator, which is not always possible.

Luz: Although most current models have left behind those horrible lighting with the LED lighting is still advisable to check in person to see if lights around the refrigerator.

Reversible doors: The kitchen setting sometimes forces you to change the direction of door opening. Almost all new refrigerators have that possibility, but it is important to check before buying.

Smart refrigerators: The new generation of refrigerators incorporates external display with information about food, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity and all kinds of ways to adapt the operation of the refrigerator to the load or time of year. But still a long way to go.

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Energy efficiency in a new refrigerator

Choosing the type of refrigerator will narrow your search something, but you still have to discard a huge amount of models. One of the key issues today when buying a refrigerator is energy efficiency. The consumer is increasingly fixed in energy efficiency because the refrigerator is the only appliance that is on 24 hours a day. And who least expect you hold a decade.

There are seven universal labels (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) representing the consumption of appliances: more efficient belong to the category A and the most consumed accompanied of G. If your current refrigerator has over 10 years probably class D or less, so you buy what you buy will notice a much more efficient.

Almost all of the appliances sold today carry with label A. But there are four classes in this group (A, A +, A ++, A +++) are where you need to be attached to choosing a refrigerator. In theory a fridge with A + consumes 20% less than a Class A, one class A ++ 40% less and the most efficient, class A +++ has a consumption 60% lower than one class A.

How does that translate into money? The calculations are complex because neither the price of electricity and consumption of refrigerators is linear, but it has an interesting simulator that identifies how long it takes to recoup the extra cost of buying a model more efficient energy. And to this must be added that the price of electricity up shop, which will shorten the repayment period.

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