How to choose the best 70 cm wide refrigerator

wide refrigerator

Fridges are an essential part of our kitchens and it is very important to know which one best suits our needs. There are many brands and models of fridges and the choice of this can be long and tedious. In this small guide focused on 70 cm wide refrigerators to facilitate the purchase as much as possible.

Refrigerators and their measures

Before we start looking for fridges, the first thing we should do is measure the gap we have. Usually we can find the following refrigerators …

70 cm wide refrigerators: Ideal for those people who need an extra hole in their fridge without occupying the large space that an American refrigerator needs. Although they are not a category as such, we have put them in a separate point from the others since the measures of these refrigerators are not conventional and therefore need a different treatment.

One-door refrigerators: Perfect if what you need is a refrigerator with little capacity and not taking up too much space. Normally, one-door refrigerators are between 45 cm and 60 cm wide.

Two-door refrigerators: Larger than those of a door, they have a freezer on the top. They are ideal for those who cannot afford to have a combi at home due to the size they have. These refrigerators are usually 60 cm wide but we can find some 70 cm and 55 cm models

wide refrigerator

Refrigerators combi: Larger than the two doors, they have the freezer located at the bottom. They usually have a greater capacity than the two doors and are the refrigerators being by definition. We can find refrigerators from 50 cm to 75 cm wide.

Side by side and American refrigerators: They are the largest refrigerators and have a very large capacity. These have two vertical doors, the left part is normally intended for freezing and the right part for cooling. These fridges are usually 91 cm wide.

Integrated fridges: These fridges are fully integrated in the kitchen itself and provide an extra in the decoration of your kitchen. Within them you can find the different models discussed above, a door, two doors, combis and Americans.

Advantages of a 70 cm wide refrigerators

These types of fridges are perfect for those looking for extra capacity inside the refrigerator. With a width of 10 cm more than a conventional refrigerator, 70 cm refrigerators are in between conventional 60 cm refrigerators and 91 cm American refrigerators. They are an excellent option if you are looking for a refrigerator with a high capacity and do not have a 91 cm wide gap. If you have already opted to purchase, your 70 cm wide refrigerator you must take into account the following specifications …

Energy efficiency: Not only for the possible energy savings but also for the possible economic savings, choosing high-energy efficiency appliances is recommended by any expert. We always recommend that the appliance has an A, A +, A ++ or A +++ rating.

Cooling system: Although most refrigerators include it, it is important to ensure that the purchased refrigerator has No Frost technology, which will prevent frost from forming.

Brand: When choosing a refrigerator it is essential that we look at the brand of it. Each manufacturer has different technologies and services and it is important to carry out a small analysis of the brands in order to make an intelligent purchase. In Hermanos Pérez you can find all the different brands of refrigerators Bosch, Balay, Siemens, Liehberr, Hisense, Samsung and many more …

If you have any questions about the different types of refrigerators or need personalized advice on any issue related to appliances, do not hesitate and contact our specialists.

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