Star Clean – New oven cleaning system

Star Clean

Current furnaces, each day we offer more features, improvements in electricity consumption, and better results in the preparation of food, providing moisture and improving the cooking process.

This article will talk a spectacular novelty in relation to cleaning ovens. This innovation is the Star Clean system, and submitted the brand Whirlpool home appliances.

Star Clean
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To date, automatic cleaning and no intervention by the user, it was exclusively pyrolysis, where the results are perfect, but the biggest annoyance for us to have it cleaned.

This technology is well proven, and the only downside that we can find is the time it takes between two to three hours depending on the model and brand of oven, and temperatures reaching between 400th and 500th, so although the Electricity consumption is not important, yes it can be meaningful if conducted continuously we pyrolysis.

Star clean meaning?

The new system of total cleaning Clean Star, with minimal discomfort to users consists of:

All internal oven cavities are treated with a special glaze, that during the cleaning process easier dirt off easily, and its inner glass is treated with a nanotechnology process that repels dirt during cooking.

These ovens have a special program for cleaning, and the operation would introduce a cloth inside, already supplied with the oven, and wash it all down with a glass of water. When you start the program running low temperature causes heat to about 90 degrees Celsius, with the humidity of the cloth, which makes all the dirt off. This program takes about 30 minutes. At the end of the program we removed the cloth bottom of the cavity, and had a damp sponge side to remove any debris remaining, already the oven clean.

Thus we shorten cleaning time, and are a minimum for us, because we have virtually no hassle involved.

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