LG will show in the CES 2019 a new TwinWash washer dryer that allows managing up to three coladas at a time

LG TwinWash

LG is another of the companies that is committed to the renovation of kitchen appliances and makes it by hand its LG TWINWash washers. We met them almost a year ago and now improvements are announced from the Korean firm.

The LG TWINWash washer is renewed for the CES 2019 in Las Vegas with a new model that stands out for offering greater washing capacity by allowing up to three simultaneous loads thanks to the inclusion of a third washing drum.LG TwinWash


The LG TWINWash range is made up of a series of high-capacity washer-dryers that have two drums that allow generous flows to be managed. But LG has thought that they may stay short and that is why they have devised a new model to which they add a third drying drum.

The new LG TWINWash washer includes a large drum access hatch, with a 27-inch diagonal that also incorporates an extra drum located in the lower area of the washing machine. Together with the dryer, it is therefore possible to manage three loads of clothes at a time.

LG TwinWash

A model clearly focused on families that generate a large amount of laundry to wash every day and also want the coladas to last as short as possible. That’s why these new washing machines have improvements like TurboWash 360º technology that washes more in depth thanks to a higher pressure washing system.

In regards to the work of drying, LG has added Dual Inverter Heat technology in the drying drum along with an improved circuit to circulate the air. The goal is to take more care of the clothes in the drying to avoid shrinkage and deterioration.

The new member of the TWINWash family is ready to be part of the connected home thanks to the Wi-Fi connection that it incorporates. This way, it is integrated into LG’s SmartThinQ platform and is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

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