The Roomba i7 is a robot vacuum cleaner capable of creating and remembering the layout of the house to optimize its cleaning

Roomba i7

The market for cleaning robots is updated with the arrival of a new member at the hands of iRobot, the firm responsible for the popular brand Roomba. And under this stamp comes his latest proposal, the Roomba i7, a cleaning robot that stands out above all for the functions it offers.

And it is that the robot vacuum Roomba i7 allows to map and adapt to the home plan offering more effective results than other models of the market. This is possible thanks to an improved system that makes it perhaps a little smarter.

Through the iRobot Home application available on iOS and Android, we can ask Roomba i7 to clean a specific room in the house. This is possible because when you make a map of the rooms, remember the layout to be able to act on them at any time without having to re-create a cleaning map.

Roomba i7

To create this map in its “memory”, the system must perform a minimum of two cleanings so that the Roomba i7 stores the distribution of our home. The mapping(can store up to 10) that saves can also be modified by adding names to the rooms or dividing them by means of the app itself to adjust it to our needs. This saves time and energy consumption.

Once the rooms have been memorized, if they undergo any modification with new furniture or elements that we leave in the middle, the robot can also add them to continue with the cleaning process without problems. In addition, if we do not have a mobile phone nearby, we can also use our voice, because the Roomba i7 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Roomba i7

Security is also fundamental, especially because the information collected by the Roomba i7 is stored in the cloud. One reason why the company remarks that all data is protected by different encryption methods.

iRobot Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal

And entering the cleaning functions themselves, the Roomba i7 is up to five times more powerful than other Roomba of the 900 series and up to 10 times the Roomba of the 600 series. It also has an important improvement, since now the waste deposit is accessible and can be emptied to be cleaned.

For this they have added the iRobot Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. This piece, which is at the same time the load base, serves to clean the waste deposit. This supplement is responsible for automatically removing the dirt collected by the Roomba i7 by placing it in a bag with the capacity to store up to 30 cleaning cycles.

Roomba i7

Price and availability

The Roomba i7 will go on sale on September 12 in the United States but can already be purchased in reserve mode on the iRobot website at a starting price of $699.

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