11 cheap and efficient gadgets to save on electricity, water and gas bills

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

A simple look at the electricity, water and gas bills brings us back to the harsh reality: fixed costs are more substantial than variables, but even so, it is always good to reduce consumption. In addition to the economic savings, for environmental sustainability.

To this end today we want to show you some gadgets that we can easily place at home, they do not cost a lot of money and they will help us to contain the expense. In addition, in many cases they will also make our home a more controlled environment.


The pearlizers (eye, do not confuse with normal aerators or diffusers) base their operation on the Venturi effect and with them you can achieve savings ranging from 40 to 70% water. What they do is mix the water with the air playing with the pressure, so that you do not notice the difference, achieving a saving both of water and of the energy required to heat it because we will use less quantity.

Hansgrohe Perlizer

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

This pack of 2 pearlizers from the Hansgrohe brand manages to reduce water consumption by up to 60%. In Amazon for 13.26 dollars, where you can check if it is compatible with your tap.


cheap and efficient gadgets for home

Another pack of 2 pearlizers that reduce the flow rate by up to 50%. This design is easy to clean limestone that is deposited at the exit. 13.99 dollars on Amazon, before buying, check compatibility with your faucet.

Programmable plugs

The ideal solution for water heaters and other appliances that have to be connected during certain hours of the day is a programmable plug. There are all kinds: with analog, digital control, with remote control … even that can be controlled from the mobile! A more control, more complexity and more expensive.

Garza Power analog timer plug

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

Plug it into a socket and select with the tabs when you want it to be working. Maximum supported power of 3,680W. On Amazon for 5.99 dollars.

Garza Power digital timer plug

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

Like the previous model, the Garza Power analog also supports a maximum power of 3,680 Watts, so you cannot connect appliances with higher consumption. With this timer you can program its operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with up to 8 different programs. On Amazon for 8.95 dollars.

Xiaomi smart plug

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

Xiaomi has in its catalog a smart plug with a adapter to control it through your mobile phone with the Mi Home app through the Wi-Fi signal, so you can turn on or off a device even if you’re not at home. Maximum supported power of 2200 W. For 11.38 dollars on Aliexpress.

Of course, for your phone and the plug to understand you need the Xiaomi Mi Smart, for 21.89 dollars on Aliexpress.

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Xiaomi smart power strip

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

If you are going to connect several devices, a smart power strip is the best option. This from Xiaomi has 6 sockets and 3 USB ports so you can charge your phone or tablet at the same time. With Dollarpean plug for 18.89 dollars on Aliexpress.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart is necessary to establish the connection between both, with a price of 21.89 dollars on Aliexpress.

Smart plug Teckin pack 2 units

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

This pack of 2 plugs in addition to being programmable, allow you to control the power consumption of two sockets through the Android or iPhone mobile phone, as well as virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Works with home Wi-Fi. 24.99 dollars on Amazon.

Smart plug and Belkin motion sensor

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

This pack of the Belkin WEMO line includes an intelligent plug that can be controlled with the smartphone and also a motion sensor, so that it allows the configuration to be put into operation upon detecting that someone enters its radius of action. Compatible with the entire WEMO range. It is the most expensive of our selection: 32.50 dollars on Amazon.

Smart bulbs

These bulbs, in addition to having LED technology to reduce consumption compared to other classic lighting systems, are controllable through the mobile.

Smart Bulb Xiaomi Mi Jia Smart LED White E27

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

White smart bulb manufactured by Xiaomi in collaboration with Philips with E27 nozzle that is controlled through the app. With output power of 6.5W and color temperature of 3000 K-5700 K. You can adjust both brightness and temperature from the phone. On Aliexpress for 9.36 dollars. Remember that the Xiaomi Mi Smart gateway is necessary, for 21.89 dollars on Aliexpress.

By the way, Philips also has its own line of smart bulbs, which start at 19.95 dollars perunit.

Smart bulb Osram Smart +

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

The Osram Smart + bulb also uses LED lighting to save on consumption, with an application that allows you to program them and control brightness and color. Of white color, with nozzle E27 and power 8W. In addition, it is “understood” with the rest of the intelligent products of the Osram range. On Amazon for 13.84 dollars.

GBLife LED lights with motion sensor

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

This pack of 3 LED lamps is activated when you perceive movement at 3 meters distance, turning off after 60 seconds of inactivity. It is easily installed with 4 stickers located in the back area. On Amazon for 15.99 dollars.

Bonus: Solar chargers

The use of solar energy is limited by a tax until 2021, there are elements that use solar energy that will prevent us from making use of the electric current.

This is the case of solar chargers, elements that are not too affordable (hence they are not included in the selection), in the long run they are a saving and use of clean and renewable energy sources, something especially important for example when we are far from the plugs.

Solar charger RAVPower 16 W

cheap and efficient gadgets for home

This foldable solar charger of 16 W has 4 plates and 2 USB ports to charge devices with an efficiency of 23.5% according to the manufacturer. When folding it takes up very little space and is light and waterproof, to leave it hanging from the backpack while you are hiking and charging your phone.

It has intelligent Smart IC technology, which distributes energy to optimize charging times, with a maximum intensity of 3.2 amps. It is capable of charging a phone in 2-3 hours. On Amazon for 45.99 dollars.

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