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Vacuum Cleaner

LG, the appliance brand most famous market brings one of the most innovative, original and practical products with which we can now remove dirt accumulated even in the most difficult corners of our home, you want to know more how behaves this new product from LG? Then read on…

Vacuum Cleaner
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revolutionary technology and design is what is proposed in the new HOM-BOT Square LG, equipped with an upper chamber and a lower voice information service and ultrasonic sensors intelligent art to see and remember each movement.

All this to achieve one goal primordial: eliminate dirt and tiny specks of dust concentrated in the most inaccessible corners of our house.

However, for the new LG Hom Bot Square no small gap of our stay we can resist, no matter how seemingly complicated it is.

The new LG not only remove the dirt, but at the same time prevent scratches and damage collateral in walls and furniture and is much more hygienic than conventional products.

With this new robot-vacuum cleaner we can ask the following questions:

1) How is it possible to be able to thoroughly clean every corner of the house? Very simple, the new Hom Bot Square has a square design and includes a side brush of about 15 cm long that are able to reach to the bottom of the corner, unlike the more circular design.

2) How can you not leave any trace of dirt? The fact is that the new LG, have enough weapons to detect the smallest detail dirt present in the room and effectively eliminated it.

For it has an upper chamber last generation II-Slam capable of scanning the ceiling and map the surface of the room as a whole. Even during the dark of night, this marvelous technology will allow the new HOM BOT Square not commit a single error in his movements.

In addition, the lower chamber used to measure the distance of travel and changes in the field as well as its many sensors help to achieve a perfect cleaning.

3) Cleans more thoroughly than any other product?, yes, has four modes of cleaning such as Spiral (for small rooms and diaphanous), My space (useful for any type of soil and no amount of dirt) Zig zag mode (for large areas with few obstacles) or cell to cell (for complicated surfaces).

4) How is it possible to not damage furniture or walls? Because it has multiple smart sensors such as anti-collision type (obstacles recognizes minimizing shock) learning function (remember the shape of the room).

5) Does it really is more hygienic? Indeed, the new LG has a container to collect the dusty easier to use, remove and with a greater capacity.

6) What else? The truth is that this portentous robot-vacuum cleaner has much more to offer, it has a much larger mop, is more durable, minimizes costs to your battery last longer, more efficient to submit a slimmer design and HEPA filter to be wider is capable of trapping different and accumulated dust particles that are harmful to health.

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