How to choose the best refrigerator

best refrigerator

Among the many models available on the market, which refrigerator is best suited to your needs? Discover the best for you!

Do you want to buy a new refrigerator or replace your current one? There are some aspects that you must keep in mind, above all thanks to the introduction of new features always in step with new technologies.

How to choose the best refrigerator

What are the elements to consider before buying a new refrigerator? Let’s analyze them together.

best refrigerator


The dimensions of the new appliance are important and are related to the size of your family unit. The capacity of the refrigerator is always expressed in liters and corresponds to the quantity that can be stored inside it.

If you live alone you can easily choose a 100-150 liter fridge; if instead your family is composed of a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 4 people, the ideal capacity is about 220-280 liters. In the event that the number of people should be greater, then your choice should be oriented on a model that has at least 300 liters.

Static cooling system

The refrigerator works by passing a gas in the refrigerator compartment and in the freezer compartment that leads to reaching the chosen temperature. This system is generally present in refrigerators with one or more motors with fridge and with a separate circuit for fridge and freezer. The disadvantage of this model is the absence of automatic defrost which therefore requires manual intervention during the year.

Ventilated cooling system

In this case, the cooling takes place through a fan located in the refrigerator compartment that will allow a more homogeneous distribution of temperature and a prolonged storage of food and raw materials. Also in this case the freezer defrosting is not automatic and must be done manually.

No frost system

The new generation refrigerators have this system as a default integration that consists of a single motor and two evaporators for the fridge and freezer. This system is indescribably advantageous because it prevents the formation of frost in the freezer, eliminates moisture and prevents the formation and diffusion of unpleasant odors.

An even more recent version of this technology is the ventilated no frosted refrigerator, which combines the presence of a fan inside the cold room and the use of the no frost system in the freezer.

best refrigerator


Although it may seem rather obvious, this aspect is among the first characteristics to be analyzed. If the location of the refrigerator is near a wall adjacent to a bedroom, you must choose a silent model so that it cannot disturb your healthy rest.

Among the noisiest refrigerators we find no-frost refrigerators because the fan inside emits a more intense buzz than the normal noise of the refrigerator.

In addition to these basic features, there are also other values that make the refrigerator an “intelligent” appliance. In fact, there are models with sensors that emit light and acoustic signals in the event of failure to close or prolonged opening of the doors, in order to avoid wasting electricity.

Some models are also equipped with anti-blackout system able to maintain the temperature for several hours in the event of an electrical blackout.

Combined refrigerators

The combined refrigerators are a perfect solution for those who need large size and the convenience of choosing two different temperatures for storing different types of food.

The characteristic of the combined refrigerators, in fact, lies in the structure: they are two separate compartments but inserted one above the other and each one with adjustable temperature, ideal for storing fresh or long-life food.

In addition, among the combined refrigerators we can find even the ones built, i.e. models designed to maximize space or for those who wish not to leave this appliance in sight.


Modern refrigerators have contemporary designs, made possible thanks to the type of door. Let’s see how many models have different characteristics thanks to the only arrangement of the door.

best refrigerator

Single-door refrigerators

The classic front opening, typical of most refrigerators.

Double door refrigerators

Present in particular in medium and large models, it allows you to have two separate and independent compartments, one for the fridge and the other for the freezer. Being two parts distant and with different temperatures, these models are structured with two front doors to access the desired compartment.

Side by side refrigerators

The English wording denotes the overseas origin of this type of refrigerator. Also called American-style refrigerators, it is the type of appliance that is mainly dedicated to those with a lot of space.

The structure, which recalls a wardrobe rather than an electrical appliance, is characterized by two distinct parts: the fridge on the right side and the freezer on the left one, each with its own door. However, there are models with four doors that, given their size, also give the possibility to insert additional accessories for better comfort and convenience.

Energy consumption class

The classes of energy efficiency of household appliances, also defined classes of energy consumption , represent a unit of measurement regulated by the European Union to understand the annual consumption expressed in kWh of a household appliance by letters from A ++ (the most efficient) to G (a greater energy consumption).

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