The Chuwi ILIFE X5 is the little smart vacuum cleaner that wants to end the harder dirt

The Chuwi ILIFE X5

In these pages we have spoken on other occasions of autonomous robots vacuums as innovative appliances, these modern fatigues domestic partners help us keep dirt away from our land without our having to do hunching.

There are a lot of smart devices as part of an evolving field at high speed as is the home automation. And autonomous cleaning robots we already knew we add now a new model that stands for more compact dimensions. It is the new generation of ILIFE Chuwi.

We could say that this is the cheap alternative to the known Roomba, may opt for a model such as the Chuwi ILIFE X5. Let us know what has changed over its predecessors.

The Chuwi ILIFE X5
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The Chuwi ILIFE X5 to start known for its small size, because it has only 7.7 centimeters thick, which together with the use of its precision sensors, allows you to “sneak” in the access points more difficult to remove dirt.

This is a model that will replace the Chuwi iLife V5 and V5S, standing out for include a series of anti-collision sensors that can perform their work with full autonomy so that it can avoid obstacles in the area in which it is while cleaning the rooms of our home. Thus avoiding collisions or falls (case of stairs) accidental.

In addition and as a complement to the sensors the company has introduced a mechanism that allows the creation of a kind of wall or virtual border so that the user defines the area of action of the vacuum.

This model has improved some features of the previous generation and such is now significantly less noisy, it includes a super silent mode by which the vacuum cleaner works 550Pa so that reduces the generated noise of 55dB at only 40db and all while it is improving the suction force, as it increases from 600 Pa to 850 Pa.

To improve the results, the Chuwi ILIFE X5 has HEPA filters and various preset modes and automatic cleaning so that we can remain aloof altogether. Foremost among all a very practical focus on improving and facilitating cleaning nooks and corners, some spots where usually accumulates more dirt.

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It also includes a tank 300ml so you can suck up dirt on to a surface of 180 square meters plus schedule, because we can establish that perform such cleaning at certain times (for example when we are not at home) so as not to interfere with our daily chores.

Another aspect to value in these devices is autonomy, so they should have more than enough to not stay on task half battery capacity. In this sense the model Chuwi mounted a battery of 2600 mAh, similar to ILIFE V5, which gives it a range of up to 90 minutes of use, automatically returning to its base load at the time when the battery starts to run out.

Price and Availability

The Chuwi ILIFE X5 has a price close to $ 140 in stores as Gearbest, a price that looking in other parts of the web is substantially lower than previous models such as the Chuwi ILIFE V5.

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