Why surveys are important, even on new build properties

It is always advisable to arrange a building survey when buying a new house even if this is a new build property. There have been reports of families investing their life-savings in their new dream home and then moving in, only to find a whole list of faults in the house. This is where a Conveyancing Surveys are vital and https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/news/conveyancing is a great way to keep up with that.

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Many mortgage lenders would demand that borrowers have a valuation survey conducted, simply to ensure that the mortgage price is worth the land. This is not, however, the same as a property survey that looks at the property’s structural structure.

Problems with plumbing, unsafe chimneys and improperly attached fixtures are examples of faults that can be found in a new-build. Poor drainage systems, which cause frequent blockages and bad odours, are other issues.

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There are various forms of survey, and for example a new-build property will not have the same problems as a period property, plus a new-build will come with an NHBC guarantee, so always seek professional advice on the property you are buying for the right survey.

All new buildings are covered by the NHBC guarantee for the first ten years after the sale, including coverage if the property is not completed in compliance with certain requirements. Furthermore, consumers will be compensated from any harm caused by the contractor not meeting these requirements in the first two years after completion. Under the guarantee, general wear and tear is not protected. Things such as gutters and central heating are also not covered from year three onwards and should be included in any personal household insurance cover taken out by the owner of the home.

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