Condensing boilers, advantages when heating our home

Condensing boilers

When it comes to us with a boiler, one of the most interesting options is to opt for a condensing boiler, since although they have a higher cost, will allow greater energy savings which will translate into a much lower gas bill, which in the long run will benefit our pocket.

Boilers with which we can heat our home and obtain hot water at the same time and without realizing a great energetic consumption. One type of boiler is also the only one that can be manufactured from September 26, 2015 based on Ecodesing Directive 2009/125 / EC (ErP Directive). But come to this point, we will see what are the characteristics that this type of boilers and what are the points to highlight.

According to this directive energy consumption should be reduced by 20%, increasing the share of renewable energy by 20%, with a deadline set at the horizon 2020. Legislation, which relates to boilers, accumulators, pumps decalor, Cogeneration and Combination of Products.

First we will make mention of the operation of this type of boiler and its further optimization is because they use the energy from the steam to heat water at a temperature of between 60 and 70 degrees, well below Of the 90 degrees that the normal boilers achieve.

Basically it is based on reuse energy of the exhaust gases, allowing for improved performance in 109% with this type of boilers, above improvements can be obtained with conventional boilers.

Once we have decided that we will opt for a condensing boiler, this may use for heat distribution well systems heating radiators or others who are under the floor (underfloor heating that distribute heat throughout the home), which we will use according to the circumstances of each floor.

Condensing boilers
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Improvements that allows a condensing boiler

We have seen that there is a decrease in consumption, which translates into a savings of up to 25% compared to a traditional boiler. In this way either for individual use or to manage the heating of buildings or facilities we will reduce the bill.

Furthermore systems using allow less noise pollution, leaving aside the noises generated by traditional boilers and heaters. This is possible on the one hand thanks to its combustion system, with lower emissions of Co2 and on the other hand by the better construction of the boiler, better soundproofed than other models.

And noise pollution are also more respectful to the environment **, since it emits less polluting gases and CO2 emissions throwing, as we have said, they are reduced by the combustion method and its best consumption Energy.

In addition and being a little selfish, our pocket can also be seen benefited when buying one of these boilers, since in order to modernize the park boiler, authorities establish periodic programs that encourage users to change the old boilers For these other models.

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