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The nerve center around which revolves our kitchen is the refrigerator, the perfect place to keep our food in good condition, besides being the most electricity consumed ally. We give to know some of the types of refrigerators best known to consider before buying that best suits your preferences.

The service offered by an appliance such as a refrigerator is so important for our own health we have to pay special attention to the time of purchase if we want food to stay fresh for 365 days a year. Proper management of your content will avoid the fact deteriorating throwing food at the same time save money and resources. Complementary, you will reduce spending on consumables refrigerators, especially plastic film and aluminum foil.

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Refrigerator models

Once the refrigerator is ten years old, you should change it with a new one, since energy efficiency will become lower and lower. One factor to consider when buying is its dimensions. In this sense, we need to know how many people work for the appliance and how much space you have in the kitchen. In this sense, you can find the so – called combined where the freezer is at the bottom with dimensions of 60 to 70 x 170-200 cm. The door of so – called “combi” is usually reversible in the interest of the user set it as desired.

For its part, known as “American” combine a refrigeration appliance on the right and a freezer left with dimensions of 90 x 175 cms, similarly, Called “two – door” freezer is on top measures 60 to 70 cm x 160-185. On the other hand, a gate of 120 x 160 to 185 cms joins two independent units with one door each. Are the least consumed and allow us to double the space, something especially useful for very large families or shared by many people floors.

The refrigerators can be No Frost, a built – in appliance technology that will facilitate automatic defrosting, compared Cyclical where the process is manual and conducted periodically.

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Of all these models, it is advisable to opt for one of energy class A, which will ensure consumption significantly reduced compared to other conventionalizes. Alignment types, you have to look out on the labeling of the temperature of the model chosen, expressed in 1 to 4 stars. With a star (*), the appliance can maintain a temperature of -6° C. Those of ** can reach -12° C versus those of *** reaching -18° C. Meanwhile, **** models can be used to freeze fresh food and maintain a temperature of -18° C.

A refrigerator of about 250 liters of capacity will consume between 700 and 250 KWh per year, depending on whether it is an economizer or more commercial model. Thus, the 450 KWh extras that can consume the traditional model can assume approximately 70 dollars per year.

As for the design, today you can find a wide variety of alternatives such as those offered us Online Appliances, which also can get hold of many other products to make our life more comfortable in the home. Aesthetically, refrigerators terminations may have white, black or red glass, steel. Similarly, there are different types of handles, integrated in the door or external, electronic temperature control and LED interior lighting.

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