The home theater gets handsome and elegant thanks to this system 5.1 wireless Sonos

Home theater

Involved in a process of installing a new TV at home had to remove a piece of furniture to remove the transformer and the impression was important because the amount of cables with which I ran into was more than important.

Wiring Blu-ray, telephone and of course, the home theater system. Instead of dust and dirt that always makes me long for wirelessly connected devices as this system has created Sonos 5.1 and is composed of a sound bar Playbar, speakers Play: 1 and Sub subwoofer.

Home theater
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Sonos Playbar

We started talking about the soundbar Sonos Playbar, a team that has nine speakers (six half and three tweeters made from neodymium magnets) and support for Dolby Digital audio system. Thus we can see clearly both high frequencies and the middle and lower.

The special feature offered by Sonos Playbar is that includes an accelerometer that which is responsible for detecting the orientation of the bar to adjust the equalization and audio channels depending on the position. Only we will use to connect fiber optic cable.

Sonos PLAY: 1

This is a small and compact wireless speaker that has in its interior with two Class D amplifiers, plus a tweeter and woofer. These small dimensions allow us to place it in any mansard of our house. To connect to other compatible devices of the same brand uses the network SonosNet 2.0.

With this speaker you can enjoy sound from other devices such as phones, tablets or computers, as well as play music via streaming, thanks to a connection via Ethernet or directly via Wi-Fi. In addition there is a multiroom system, so we can play the same music in more than one room simultaneously, controlling everything from a single device.

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Sonos Sub

The Sonos Sub is a subwoofer wireless only includes the cable outlet and connects to other equipment to achieve a greater sense of immersion. Striking design for which they have opted to be two separate speakers an empty space which causes a sensation of sound clearer and clearer.

A subwoofer asset that has two Class D digital amplifiers and two woofers passing communicate wirelessly with other devices of the same brand through SonosNet 2.0 network.

It has an Ethernet port to connect to the network at home and use is very simple, because a single button and a menu that must follow, serve to set the sound according to the conditions of stay where we place.

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