We give some factors to evaluate before choosing the ideal air conditioning for your home

Air conditioner

Summer comes and with the idle season par excellence and with the sun performing at full power over our heads the heat becomes often unbearable, so much so that in many cases it is more than necessary to have a system air conditioning at home.

First we must clarify how a air conditioning, something that everyone thinks they know but not always correctly. To do this, the device we have at home is responsible for processing the ambient air of the house, cooling and cleaning at the same time, for which it serves as a coolant. Through this liquid heat room air is absorbed, evaporated, and then go to the cooling circuit and remove the outdoor unit thus absorbed condenses after compression heat.

We know roughly how a cooling system at home and now comes the time of purchase, so a number of factors must be taken into account before us with an air conditioner. Values that we must review such as for example energy consumption and energy efficiency of appliances chosen, the type of air (if window, laptop or split), the cooling…

Air conditioner
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There are three types of air conditioning

Different ways to cool and place the system in our homes and is that not everyone can serve the same model facility and why not say, cost of equipment.

  • Window: Almost not installed although many still see. They are the oldest (although there are interesting proposals) and consist only of a machine that makes the window outside compressor and indoor climate control.
  • Portable: No installation, is the most economical but also the least efficient. It requires only an indoor unit that communicates with the outside through a tube.
  • Split: The most common today, consists of two units, one indoor and one outdoor. The interior is made up of evaporator, fan, air filter and control system; the outdoor unit, compressor and condenser.

We will consider energy rating and power

Something that today have all the equipment we bought a classification based on electricity use, always being kind most valuable “A”, whose members consume almost 50% less electricity, more than interesting despite they’re more expensive.

You may have to perform a higher payout, but the longer we will thank you with a bill for the smallest light, something to keep in mind especially for the price of electricity.

In addition to optimize the energy consumption is more than valuable, if not necessary, to have a good insulation of exterior home. That is, windows that prevents cold air outlet and the inlet of hot. Is useless to invest in the best air conditioning device if we do not have our well equipped and with a loss temperature reduced to the maximum home.

To determine the power that we will need must take into account the square footage of the room we want to acclimatize. So if we want to cool a room of 30m2 we need apparatus 3000 and 4000 kilocalories, something we will have to combine energy efficiency.


Not the same cool a large room than a small in the same way that it is not just a well – insulated house with another doors or windows that do not fit and therefore allow to escape the cold or heat. Similarly if our house is subjected to direct sunlight is something we should consider.

However, as a base, we will need 100 to 140 kilocalories per m2 to cover so that a floor of about 60 m2 we will need a device (or more in rooms) that we generate about 3,000 kilocalories (FR).

We should note that both power and the cooling aim to achieve a friendly atmosphere and not turn our home into an igloo. Keep in mind that in summer the temperature of our home should be between 24° C and 26° C (is not healthy that there is a temperature difference with the above 12ºC outside).

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Noise pollution

If our air conditioning is approved not fear, but with the passage of time we must consider noise that can generate both inside (causing discomfort) and abroad, annoying neighbors and may be cause for economic sanctions.

We must therefore take into account the noise level caused in the case of the split that goes inside the house find one as quiet as possible, which does not interfere with our daily activities, especially when it comes to rest.

And it is that going to sleep with an airplane on the wall is not pleasant or healthy, so look for a model that does not exceed a maximum of 24 decibels of sound pressure.

Fix or renewable filters

We have already spoken of the filters in air conditioners and how to proceed for cleaning. It is a part and a key aspect for the health in our house and incidentally improves energy consumption.

Thus we can find filters plasma or neoplasm =, able to purify and deodorize the air, suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, activated carbon filters , with a limited duration, are responsible for absorbing smoke snuff, photo catalytic filters which absorb particles that create odor or ionizers filters , which emit negative ions to balance the excess positive ions and thus improve air quality.

If they are fixed or replaceable filters regularly is something that depends on the device and each brand, the buyer must choose which best suits their interests. However, the most common is the use of filters that can remove and clean ourselves.

Bonus extras for determining the purchase

We cannot pretend to cool the living room and the bedroom with a single split(the machine that goes inside home), so it is best to contact a specialist to determine a complex system with a more powerful external machine to feed several split or several machines (one for each split )

Is more valuable if inverter technology has, as this maximizes and improves the operation of cooling systems, as is responsible for enhancing the cooling capacity and keep it constant, thus lessening the energy consumption.

So if we succeed with the right air conditioning we will get team energy efficient, a model that fits our needs while cool, regulates moisture of stay and take care of our health by removing harmful particles.

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