Zuli Hue adds support your SmartPlugs to improve lighting performance

Zuli Hue

When we talk about smart home, which is also the name of the blog in which we live, we refer to the intelligent home as one in which everyday tasks are easier to perform and also, thanks to technology, it allows further optimization resources, time, and money.

And in that sense, we can place the proposal made by the manufacturer Zuli, one of the best known when gadgets for the connected home it is, which added support to their acquaintances Hue SmartPlugs.

Zuli Hue
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It is a kind of plugs that connect to the iPhone (for now there is no Android) via Bluetooth for the same we can remotely turn on or off any device that is plugged into them and in the case of the dimmable bulbs, change the color, tone, intensity …

Thanks to this system, SmartPlugs Zulu, they will use the Bluetooth connection that will allow us to determine when rooms are in use, that is, when it becomes necessary for lighting or appliance that is, is turned on and therefore, they can beset, switched on or off as needed.

Imagine we walked into the living room, at the bulb would go on, shutting down when leaving the room, so that from Zuli have called “Presence”.

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To make this possible, you must configure the SmartPlug by the specific application in a very simple process, because only we connect with our iPhone and move around to the Zuli recognizes the limits where you have to act and when it should not do what.

In addition, if multiple users in the home, there will be no problem in that each and every one of them has installed the application on your iPhone so that the system will recognize when they enter a space.

Zuli not noticed by now with an application for Android, although it is expected that given a large number of terminals with the green robot operating system, offering to complete a specific app. Visit http://clickmyemails.com/ for more article like this.

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