These LED bulbs TP-Link are connected to the WiFi home network that controls from the mobile


The LED lighting is already part of our smart homes and more and more brands are encouraged to bring new devices expand competition and lowering prices. One of the last was TP-Link, which has recently introduced its new range of connected bulbs.

There are three models that have the “intelligence” integrated and therefore do not need a hub apart, which has its advantages but also its drawbacks, as more expensive prices.

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The brand has launched bulbs LB100, LB110 and LB120, with the look and shape of conventional but with advanced features inside, such as the ability to connect to the WiFi home network to be controlled from an iOS Mobile or Android through of the corresponding application or through the Amazon Alexa assistant.

The differences between bulbs are found in the power of lighting and shades that are able to offer. Thus LB100 has the equivalent of 50 watts and 600 lumens compared to 60 watts and 800 lumens of LB110 and LB120. The latter also allows to vary the tone of light from 2700K to 6500K.

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Price and Availability

The new bulbs connected TP-Link are now on sale at prices of $ 20 for the model LB10025 for LB110 and LB120 35 for.

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