Appliances in the kitchen: How to choose the right brand?

Appliances in the kitchen

How to choose appliances for kitchen, today I would like to emphasize how to choose brands, so you can buy a reliable product that lasts over time.


To correctly evaluate how much to spend on the single appliance and which brand to choose, the first “filter” must necessarily be the “use” factor. There are in fact appliances that, by definition, we use more and more often during the course of the day; others instead less (maybe only when needed). We will not directly explain the names of the brands that you could address to, but we will only make inductive references, with which you will understand the mechanisms of choice.

Appliances in the kitchen


“Known brand”: we refer to the “names” best known in the commercial field. Foreign brands (e.g. German): we refer to producers also among the best known on the market, distinguishing them from the first if, compared to the same type of household appliance, they respond better to the specific needs in terms of use.


It is the only appliance in use all day, 24 of 24. For this, it is always better to opt for a brand with high production standards and high energy class. For example, a German brand is excellent and is able to synthesize the perfect mix between performance quality and reliability over time. Without discarding obviously the most well-known brands, which, in general, also guarantee indisputable levels of efficiency and technology. Analogous speech for the dishwasher (if you use it).

Appliances in the kitchen


We are in the field of the most technologically modern, innovative and avant-garde equipment. The hob is a very used “tool” in the kitchen; in this sense, the previous speech is valid: if the Made in Germany is excellence, there are however many brands that have also developed an excellent proposal in the field of induction. In any case, the parameters to consider when choosing a good induction plan are …

  • Time and energy consumption to bring the water used for cooking to 90 degrees of temperature. Usually, the best ones take between 3 and 6 minutes to heat 2 liters of water;
  • The presence of functions that allow you to adjust the power of the various cooking zones according to the type of recipe;
  • If equipped with a safety device that blocks the random ignition and the variation of the setting;
  • Equipped with a power limiter that makes it compatible even with 3 kWh systems and a display that indicates the consumption of electricity.

Appliances in the kitchen


In this case you can choose among the most well-known brands on the market, keeping in mind the possible positive experience with one of them. So you do not necessarily have to consider models and producers with more demanding and expensive price ranges, unless you voluntarily prefer them. In this context, from the value to the qualities of steel and glass (which must always be tempered), to the efficiency of the burners and to your most pressing aesthetic priorities.

In this sense, know that …

  • A steel hob is beautiful aesthetically, indestructible and with infinite life. However, it is more subject to scratches and stains;
  • A ceramic hob is more resistant to scratches and stains, easier to clean, but less resistant to accidental shocks, as it could crack or even crack;
  • A glass hob is perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful and suitable for a distinctly modern design. It is perhaps the most delicate one even if the “tempering” of the material ensures excellent performance of resistance and life cycle.

Appliances in the kitchen



Even for the choice of a good oven and / or microwave, you can easily orient yourself on the most common brands, similar to what is underlined for the choice of the gas stove. Always consider the distinction made in the previous part: if you choose a product of “high end” you will enjoy an efficient and sophisticated machine, especially suitable for those who love being in the kitchen. In short, do not be scared by the price: you will understand that you have made a good purchase at the first positive rewards on a more dynamic and flexible use of the appliance.


Always give importance to the guarantee (and its duration) and, above all, take with the springs the purchase of household appliances on the Internet: they can often get dented without you noticing it; they may also have slightly different characteristics from those for which you have paid the relative price.

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