Choosing an integrated refrigerator

Integrated Refrigerator

In the appliance market there are built-in refrigerators where is the installation system is hidden inside the cabinet and the kitchen door on the outside of the unit.

Thus we get completely hide the refrigerator and visually see a piece of furniture.

Integrated Refrigerator
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Integrable types of refrigerators

There are different types of refrigerators:

  • Combis integrated: Are we the refrigerator up and down inside the freezer drawers. They are usually standard measure of 177 cm, and furniture to place in 60 cm wide.
  • Refrigerators two integrated doors: Those that have the freezer on top, and bottom door is the refrigerator. There are many sizes and with different features.
  • Integrated door refrigerator 1: Just have a refrigerator door and all without freezer. There are also many types of measures in height, but the width is always ready to furniture 60 cm. wide.
  • Freezers integrated: They have only one door, which gives access to the freezer, and this is distributed in drawers or doors direct access to different departments. The width remains for 60 cm cabinet, and there are different heights.

If we choose a door refrigerator and freezer integrated, we can form a Side by Side, because when placed next to each other, multiply the capacity of storing and freezing, and we have a cold heart hidden inside the cabinet.

Although this type of refrigerators requires installation by a professional, the result is very good and original.

These devices are ready to vent inside the furniture, and following the manufacturer’s specifications as to back or front airflow through the socket, do not give any problem.

They also incorporate the latest features, like the rest of refrigerators free installation, such as the No Frost, LED light, long storage drawers, anti bacteria systems, etc.

Therefore it is a good solution, if we want a visual continuity of furniture in our kitchen, without showing any appliance, and thus integrate the kitchen space in the living room, or open areas where we have kitchen and common areas.

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