Essential summer maintenance for drains

When you think about summer, it’s probably sunshine, beaches and lounging by a pool that comes to mind. However, much as it isn’t the most obvious of associations, summer is also an ideal time to do some drain maintenance. But what exactly should you focus your attention on?

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Clean your drains

Spring and summer are a good time to get your drains cleaned. In hot weather, drains can become dry. This hot, dry environment is an ideal setting for bacteria growth. Add blockages on top and you have the perfect recipe for smelly drains.

The easiest way to combat this is to clean them well at the start of the warmer weather. You’ll thank yourself when the weather heats up further and you’re not stuck with the smell of them!

Deal with any winter damage

Damage from winter includes cracks and leaks from frozen pipework. The best time to deal with this is during those warm (but not too warm) months at the beginning of spring and summer. And if you find a crack? Don’t panic, just get the professionals in and have it dealt with.

Leaving it to get worse will only cause issues when the weather gets cold again. Not only that, but summer thunderstorms and the water they create can exacerbate cracks.

Damage doesn’t always mean replacing your drains, as companies are now able to perform drain lining Oldbury. Blockages and repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner, so the cost-saving provided by this service will be a welcome relief. Drain lining is much more cost-effective than a full pipe replacement. So if you do find an issue, try not to panic but simply call a specialist such as

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Prevent summer damage

Trees and plants grow much quicker during warm summer months and so do their roots. Prevent damage to your drains by dealing with any problem with shrubbery before it becomes a major issue. Drought can make any problems worse as roots seek out moisture, so where possible make sure plants are kept watered.

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