SmartThinQ is the brain connected home of LG, it is manifested in the form of cylinder


Korean companies are marking the steps, if yesterday we showed that Samsung wants to control the connected home from the TVs Smart TV, we now see that LG has a device that does the same, to be known as SmartThinQ… A brain for the Internet of Things.

LG has decided that headquarters and notifications must be on a dedicated device, as it is possible to achieve the proposal SmartThings Samsung. The main difference is found in their striking appearance, and in the presence of a screen at the top.

Credit: Google Image

For those who want a more discreet communications, LG has placed a screen on the device

The cylinder becomes fashionable, and we have seen in the router OnHub of Google, also the first to bring the idea to market: the wizard Echo Amazon. Unfortunately, the proposal of LG there is no voice control, which was possibly the most interesting cylinder Amazon.

The way you interact with the ‘SmartThinQ Hub‘ is connected through mobile devices, and the upper display – 3.5 inches – is not touch. But it does not make it less discreet, because what we found along the stretched body is a speaker, by which we will arrive notifications and music, if you want (from a Bluetooth device, or from online radios).

LG chose AllJoyn

In short, it is a hub that will act as a hub for the rest of connected devices, and in turn, has built-in speaker. So it will come information about the connected refrigerator, the LG washing machine, or the cooling system of the house.

How to manage it is through the platform AllJoyn – a system for the Internet of things – promoted by Qualcomm, and in which LG is a partner for a couple of years ago. Accepts devices that connect via Bluetooth, WiFi or Zigbee.

It will be interesting to see the relationship with the new TVs, ranging with webOS 3.0LG operating system already had certain compatibility with earlier versions AllJoyn.

We’ll see more about him next, in the week CES 2016 for now we see that comes in two tones, Champagne Gold and Black.

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