LG Hombot Square Turbo is LG’s proposal to keep our home clean and monitor it remotely

LG Hombot Square Turbo

It is one of the devices that most interest uncover among users. We speak of cleaning robots, a range of products that we have a good range to choose from. Here we have seen some of the most interesting models and features that we must control before we get one. A catalog in which LG wants to stand out with the LG Hombot Square Turbo.

It is the robot vacuum cleaner which apart from offering cleaning functions independently allows us to control our home thanks to the inclusion of a video surveillance system. For this the LG Hombot Square Turbo has a Dual Camera Dual Eye to monitor our home.

LG Hombot Square Turbo
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Next to the double camera the LG Hombot Square Turbo includes seven modes of cleaning, side brush and mop to collect dust particles and leave the floor shiny. A cleaning robot that also stands out for its square shape, totally different from the circular aspect that we see in other models.

An aspect that does not interfere in the quality of cleaning, since it mounts two lateral brushes located closer to the front in a way that offers a cleaning that according to LG allows to leave dust free the corners with a high efficiency.

Not to lose detail of everything that happens and to control the LG Hombot Square Turbo remotely incorporates a controllable video surveillance system through the Smart ThinQ mobile application. With this application on our mobile or tablet we have access to the robot to manage its operation.

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Surveillance and cleaning camera

LG Hombot Square Turbo
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In regards to cleaning, the LG Hombot Square Turbo uses three cameras to scan front, ceiling and floor and create a map of the room in which it is located. Once created, it uses the sensors that it incorporates (infrared, ultrasonic, rotation and elevation) to complete the mapping of the room and thus offer a deep cleaning. With these sensors you avoid chafing with walls and furniture or collision with transparent objects. In addition, its optical sensor detects unevenness avoiding its fall down the stairs.

With the Smart ThinQ application we can see what is happening in any room of the house and direct the robot from the smartphone or tablet. In addition, if the LG Hombot Square Turbo detects any unwanted movement, if we are absent, it will act as watchman and will notify us with a sequence of images to the app captured through its cameras.

And yes, the LG Hombot Square Turbo also allows delimiting with the remote control a specific cleaning area for the Hombot to clean it twice consecutively without leaving the perimeter. An improvement that in turn is complemented by the support in Artificial Intelligence thanks to the use of software prepared to learn from our day to day and thus improve the results obtained.

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