A soundbar into three pieces is the latest proposal Integra


The sound bars usually come in two types of configurations: they alone or with a subwoofer to help in the reproduction of low frequencies. Rarely we have a proposal in three parts as it comes from the hand of Integra with its new DLB-5. Why three separate components?

The idea is to take the part of electronics and outside the bar to make it more streamlined and still be able to have more and more power connectors amplification. Specifically, the DSX-3 amplifier that comes with the kit DLB-5 offers 50 watts per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 Channel) to a maximum of 5 channels.

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The sound bar itself, which is passive type, has 6 speakers including a double center channel, two front and two others facing the ceiling to deal with the effects of the tracks Dolby Atmos and DTS: X with the team it’s compatible. The subwoofer is self – powered and provides 50 watts RMS to its unique 6.5 – inch driver can drop to 30 Hz and cut at the top to 200 Hz range.

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The set supports multiple wireless standards and multi-room audio formats like FireConnect, AirPlay, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DTS Play-Fi. Supports video signals 4K / 60Hz HDCP 2.2, HDR10 and color space BT.2020. In addition, you can control both the remote control and using an application for iOS and Android. Finally, note that comes with acoustic correction system with AccuEQ technology, which although is not the best market itself can help to improve the whole answer in our classrooms.

Price and Availability

The new sound bar DLB-5 goes on sale this month, first in the United States, at a price of $1,200.

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