Xiaomi wants to avoid water jolts with the Aqara Water Leak Sensor

Xiaomi Aqara Water Leak Sensor

Xiaomi is well known for betting on products with a very good price-quality ratio. At not very high costs we can find proposals of a quality that is more than adequate (although not outstanding) and the biggest problem that we can face is that we can get their products outside of China.

And the Asian manufacturer, traditionally known for its mobile phones (Hugo Barra saw in them a clear bet) has as disparate proposals in its catalog as a device to improve sleep, a personal assistant for children through Smart TV. A catalog to which now adds a system that under the name Xiaomi Aqara Water Leak Sensor comes to serve as a warning of water leaks that can be given at home.

Xiaomi Aqara Water Leak Sensor
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For starters we have to talk about the price, because following the line of Xiaomi products we are before an accessory for nothing expensive, because it comes to the market with a price of 79 yuan, which to the change means paying about 12 dollars (yes, we must Take into account the import).

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A sensor that with circular shape and a completely flat base to facilitate its placement in any place allows to warn the user if it detects any leakage of water in the home. Thus, when noticing the presence of water alerts the user through a notification on the smartphone while it emits a sound alarm.

The system makes use of a hydrovalve that alerts if the water level exceeds 0.5 millimeters. The notice to the mobile of the Xiaomi Aqara Water Sensor is carried out by means of the application Mi Home, thus avoiding that the leakage of water reaches greater.

The measures of this device are reduced to facilitate its placement in any place and thus it has a diameter of five centimeters and a thickness of 1.5 centimeters. In addition and as expected, it has IP67 protection so that it can be covered by water without this causing damage to the device.

And to finish off the functions, it incorporates a battery system that offers an autonomy of up to two years so that we can forget it. In addition, the Xiaomi Aqara Water Leak Sensor is compatible with the ZigBee protocol and can be connected to sensors of other ecosystems, being able to thus synchronize them with the intelligent plugs of house so that for example these are cut if there is danger of flooding.

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