Tersa iron your clothes with steam and gives the aroma that you want in 10 minutes

Tersa iron

Ironing clothes can be one of the most unpleasant household chores, so any technological breakthrough that helps us in this mission is sure to be more than welcome by many users. An example we have in Tersa, a curious automatic ironing system that is looking for financing in Indiegogo.

Basically it is a kind of closet, a box with the front mirror finished and inside we must place the garment we want to iron (it seems only one at a time, something that subtracts points to the invention).

Tersa iron
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Using steam, the system is responsible for cleaning and removing wrinkles from the clothes and then drying them until ready to be put on. In addition, if we want we can even give the aroma that we like to choose from a catalog offered by the company and introduced in the machine by means of capsules very similar to those of instant coffee makers.

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As an idea is not bad, but the main drawback I see is that you can only treat a garment at the same time and I guess it will not have to be very wrinkled. It can serve to get us out of a hurry or give the finishing touch to the clothes we are going to put on and takes time folded in the closet.

Price and availability

Tersa is looking for financing in Indiegogo and when they get it they intend to reach the market for about 300 dollars from May 2018.

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