The Yamaha R-N402D, comes looking for bringing quality music streaming

Yamaha R-N402D

When we speak of musical players, we do not do so only the typical components that are dedicated to reproduce a specific medium. Tuner radio, CD player … now all these media have succumbed to streaming but no longer important.

That’s the least they seem to think of Yamaha, as the Japanese brand known for its products within the audio range just introduced its new receiver, the Yamaha R-N402D, a model of which now we will know its main features.

Yamaha R-N402D
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We are facing a receiver sober lines, finished in metallic color that does not stand a profusion of buttons. Straight forms that shelter a good number of technologies in measures of 43.5 centimeters wide, 14.1 high and a depth of 34 centimeters.

The Yamaha R-N402D is an amplifier receiver designed to make us feel as if we were in the movies. Take therefore the functions of a home cinema thanks to a power exceeding 100 W in each of its two channels, allowing speakers connect up to 180 W.

The Yamaha R-N402D allows the use of USB drives to connect and play content or make it through the network. And in all cases offers a high quality audio output thanks to the DAC chip that is in charge of converting signals in PCM format up to 24 bit and 192 kHz natively so as not to lose quality.

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This receiver is compatible with DLNA so that we can connect a lot of devices and use any DLNA – based application. And given that seeks to enhance the music streaming this model supports Musicast and can thus create a multi-room system. It is also compatible with AirPlay for iOS devices, connectivity is complemented with the expected Bluetooth connection.

The Yamaha R-N402D has 4 analogue line inputs, a coaxial input, an optical jack, a USB digital input on the front and an Ethernet network input. At the same time it includes an FM / AM radio and is also compatible with DAB and DAB + services.

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