Xiaomi has new robot vacuum cleaner: Few changes, but at a much lower price

Xiami Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi has introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner. This is the Xiaowa Robotic Cleaner Youth Edition vacuum cleaner, which as we read in Gizmochina has a much lower price than previous models, and that practically offers the same characteristics as in previous generations. Of course, there are some differences like a lower battery and suction power.

This new model is not so directed to people who want the best specifications as for those who want a lower price for basic functions. In fact, the official price of this new model is only 999 yuan, 135 dollars to change, while the second generation of the robotic vacuum cleaner My Robot goes up to 2,499 Chinese yuan or 337 dollars to the change in its official price.

Xiami Vacuum CleanerDespite this remarkable difference in price, as we have said, the specifications are practically the same. The new Xiaowa has a capacity of 640 ml, with a single sweeping side brush and a main rotating brush underneath. In addition, like his sisters, is able to overcome obstacles of 2 cm in height to be able to pass over the cables that could be in the room.

The new vacuum cleaner of the Chinese company will have 9 different cleaning modes, which you can manage from any mobile device with the Mi Home application. You can also clean corners, specific areas that we indicate and around objects, such as the legs of the furniture.

Less price, but also less “smart”

Xiami Vacuum CleanerThe main difference between this economic model and its brothers is that it disappears the kind of turret that have the most expensive models at the top, and therefore loses the laser sensors that allow us to map our house and show the map in the application. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner becomes a little less “intelligent”, becoming similar to models of brands like iLife.

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In any case, Xiaomi says there will be a mapping algorithm to help optimize the routes, and that it will have a total of six sensors that are activated 50 times per second to navigate as best as possible. We will have to test it to see how much this compensates for the loss of the laser sensor, but we imagine that the more you navigate our house the more efficient it will be in your travels.Xiami Vacuum Cleaner

Two other important differences are in the suction power and the battery. The Xiaowa has a suction power of 1,600 Pa, while in the second generation of the Mi Robot reaches 2,000 Pa. As for the capacity of the battery, it goes from the 5,200 mAh of the previous model to 2,400 mAh in this one, so we will have to “settle” with being able to clean houses of up to 100 square meters.

Xiaomi has financed this new model through a crowdfunding website, and has ensured its final launch, surpassing 2,500% of its target. Once the process has been completed, the company plans to start marketing it on April 20, although there is still no information on the countries in which it will be sold officially or what the prices will be.

Xiami Vacuum Cleaner

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