The importance of real Hz TV – TV Buying Guide

TV Buying Guide

After seeing the most important aspects when buying a TV, it is time to finish with an overview but not before explaining an issue that creates great confusion. This is the Hertz or soda panel.

A technical concept that manufacturers play for, for marketing their products stand above the competition. Know exactly what they are important. As much or more as the go with these dynamic contrast ratios.

TV Buying Guide
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Hertz, what are they?

The Hertz (Hertz and Hertz also) is the measurement used to indicate the refresh rate. A higher value more frames per second will be able to show the TV.

Current panels can operate at 50, 100 or 200 Hz, the latter used in 3D televisions (the minimum to 3D are 120Hz). From here and software is achieved by increasing the refresh, it is what is known as real Hertz (each manufacturer is called differently: CMR, Motion Flow, MCI …)

Not actual Hz is used by manufacturers as a publicity stunt. Surely many have seen TVs with 400Hz, 600Hz or 800Hz. A feature that improves but not so drastically as we might think because there comes into play the ability of image processor to create those images to be interpolated.

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Buying the perfect TV

Buy a TV is not easy. There are many manufacturers; each manufacturer includes some extra that can interest us beyond the mere function of watching TV. Not to mention technology, design, Smart TV options, etc.

How to buy the ideal product for each TV? Well the first thing is to be clear what kind of television we ‘Plasma, LCD, LED? Each technology has its pros and cons. The commitment to the LED industry for consumer issues and advantages to increasingly thin TVs.

Once we know whether to go for one or the other we have to set the size. To do this, depending on the resolution and viewing distance will establish the most appropriate size for that is not small either once or placed too large and uncomfortable to watch.

We have the type and size of the TV. Now comes another important point, we will use it only to watch TV or want more features. If our idea is to realize the full potential of Smart TV (Internet access, DLNA, wireless, etc) will have to see what platform offers more advantages.

Applications and services “basic” (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or Web browser) offer it all. The difference is marked unique applications such as games, or applications Plex client to control with our smart phone or tablet.

If we opt for Smart TV While watching control options. If the command is not comfortable enough, for example, use the browser (type the address of a website can be frustrating in some cases) that allows to connect a Bluetooth keyboard. Now he is betting on gesture control and voice. Try both, you might not prove as comfortable for you.

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The latter points are more technical but equally important. The sound quality is not the strong current and always memorable thanks to sound bars home cinema TVs or computers. If we are to make use of many devices (players, recorders, consoles …) make sure you have all the necessary connections options chaining devices failing u.

Moreover, remember, not actual hertz are not as important as we want to see. Search the real hertz are as high as possible, 100Hz or 200Hz if a 3D TV. Also, if you say or hear that two models from different manufacturers use the same panel manufactured by X care, the image processor is very important so that two different televisions with the same panel need not offer the same image quality.

Now you know, if you go to buy a new TV I think you will know where to start, do you need to really consider and how to value into perspective each product. Similarly, if you have any doubt use the comments and we will be happy to help in any way possible.

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