Interesting trends in soft furnishings

Interior decoration trends have become almost cyclical and trends that have long been gone seem to be making a reappearance. When it comes to decorating your home it is important that you think about the functionality of each space as well as consider what your own design preferences are. Just because something is on trend, doesn’t mean that you have to go with it.

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Florals have always been one trend that seems to peak and trough. We have gone through periods where it has been trendy to have the large flower patterns on your walls and on your soft furnishings. Now this trend has reappeared but with more focus on all of nature and in a little more subtle way. You will find lots of wallpaper, throws, cushion covers and even curtains in nature inspired themes. These tend to include more greenery and in some cases have a tropical feel. If you search for a Curtain Makers Near Me like you will be able to see a number of on trend designs that you might want to take inspiration from.

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Deep colours are another trend that seems to come back time and time again. We have seen a trend for dark velvety reds as well as deep tones of blues and greens. These tend to be used as accent walls in home decoration but are used much more in soft furnishings such as throws, cushion covers and other items that can help to give any space a luxurious feel.

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