iRobot enhances the functions of Roomba’s 900 series with a map of the cleanest areas of the house

We gave you some tips when it comes to making you a cleaning robot, one of the devices for walking around the house that are experiencing greater growth and greater evolution in recent times. From a few very limited first models, we have reached a high degree of development favored mainly by the integration with mobile applications.

And is that the smartphone increasingly has more presence in a number of fields and the control of domestic appliances is one of them. And in this sense, the latest improvement with which iRobot has endowed its cleaning robots. Improvements that come to Roomba’s 900 series.

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And is that with the models of the 900 series comes an integrated utility in the app iRobot Home, which we can find on iOS and Android. It is a mapping that with the name “Clean Map” allows us to know which are the zones of the house have been cleaned more in depth and which have not been as neat as Roomba.

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The system works by means of a map that elaborates the Roomba while cleaning the different rooms of the house. A map in which they are being reflected all the actions of the robot so that at the end we can access from the app to the corresponding cleaning report.

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A complete report detailing the areas the robot has been working on, how long it has taken to clean each one and which are ultimately the results of cleaning, including the areas where the result has been more effective.

iRobot therefore adds an interesting application to the 900 series and also ensure that they do not think to stop. And is that in mind have the integration of the same series of machines with Alexa, the personal assistant created by Amazon so that we can control the robot by means of voice instructions.

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