WaterO is the first smart water filter and truly portable


Sure sounds like a process such as reverse osmosis by which and by using filters can purify a liquid. This is a physical phenomenon in which a component through a semi permeable membrane is diluted so that no energy expenditure this compound can see out certain harmful agents.

The osmosis is a filtering process that until now required complex equipment large and this is where comes to highlight this proposal by the name of WaterO, a small gadget with which to keep purified water we use at home.

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The operation of WaterO we have already hinted and is based on water purification through a number of filters in order that the same be entrained harmful particles and other adulterants like salt and lead all in one device small size, no more than a small pot.

WaterO has an LED screen that informs us with clear data on the proportion of harmful particles found in the water we consume, the amount of water we consume, the particles that have managed to eliminate and even allows track total dissolved solids (TDS) in water and warns us of the need to replace the filters.

Even if parts of water that can be filtered, WaterO excludes the resulting water and housed in a warehouse for later use in cases where no amount of “contamination” of the liquid element as watering plants or cleaning the house.

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Even the creators of WaterO go further and say that in the future and based on the data collected could provide the authorities with information about water pollution in an area by the devices have been refined.

Price and Availability

WaterO begin to reach their buyers next month, to all those who apostasies at the time by this development in Indiegogo, although its output to the general market still take a while and when you get will cost about $ 300.

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