Sony makes the leap to the 100-inch 4K HDR in its new range of TV ‘Bravia Z’

Sony Bravia Z

Sony used to book their ads on TV for CES, which made us to have a perspective on company strategy throughout the year, but now just made an unusual move regarding its roadmap of launches, since today are introducing a new family, according to the company, he comes to position itself as its new flagship, the new Bravia Z Series, a family of ultra-premium 4K TVs.

This new series Bravia Z Sony TV reaches placed on top of the already famous X series, and aims to rival OLED panels because the bet Sony stays on the LCD as the main technology, but with a number of improvements and features that will make the screen image has a greater realism.

Sony Bravia Z
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Android TV is still the platform selected by Sony

The main improvement in this new series Bravia Z is the incorporation of a technology dubbed Backlight Master Drive, which we saw a preview at CES past, consisting of a backlight system precision aims to provide better brightness and contrast, the level of what we see in OLED, well, at least what Sony promises.

Backlight Drive Master works on illumination algorithms designed to enable precise areas of the LCD panel from individual LEDs to entire areas, bringing a “contrast and unprecedented realism” plus deeper blacks with brighter and accurate colors.

This technology is driven by the new processor ‘X1 4K Extreme’, which is a major update to X1 currently used in the X series According to performance tests, the X1 4K Extreme can process images up to 40% faster than the previous version, combines Backlight Master Drive technology with imaging on 4K HDR, plus it features dual processing database and Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR, all to create a better scaling and noise reduction.

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The HDR X1 4K Extreme processor is based on a database of thousands of image patterns that eliminate unwanted noise and oversized images to 4K, which combined with signal processing of 14 bits, it manages playback of images be as closer to reality.

The new Bravia Z Series Sony still betting on Android TV as a platform ‘smart’ and will come with three TVs, one 65-inch will have a price of $ 6,999 and one 75 – inch for $ 9,999 both will go on sale the last days of summer; towards the end of the year Sony will launch a 100 – inch version will be the largest and most powerful team of the company, which so far do not have prices, but we imagine that it will not be cheap.

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