Samsung is forced to withdraw almost 3 million washing machines in the United States after reports of explosions

Samsung washing machines

No, 2016 is not Samsung’s best year, let alone. We do not say the figures, but because the problem with the Note 7 is not the only nor the last of this year. Now notice has jumped with certain models of Samsung washing machines that have asked to be removed in the United States.

The request comes from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC, the Safety Commission Consumer Product), with a total of approximately 2.8 million units. So, this would be the second recall of products from the technology giant this year, although this time the initiative of the US agency.

Samsung washing machines
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Washes are also explosive

In this case time they have been reported 733 units , as shown in the request of the CPSC, with a total of 34 models affected (whose list can see in the request). These are not just recent, since the older ones were launched in March 2011 (although it affects units sold until this same month that starts now).

Failure? Well, here’s déjà vu, because it has appeared the word “explosion”. As we said the request for withdrawal or recall not part of the brand itself, as happened with the phones, but the CPSC is making the call the users to communicate with the manufacturer to manage the procedure. This was explained by Elliot Kaye, representative of the CPSC.

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We are talking about a serious threat because the top of the washing machine is flying.

Among the cases have been reported some cases of injured users, for example the case of broken jaw which reports the WSJ. In ABC picked up the case of Melissa Thaxton who narrowly avoided the accident, he explains, describing the washer “suddenly exploded” without there being signs that there was a problem and talking about a very loud sound of explosion.

Thus, the CPSC does not specify a procedure to be followed, but gives the option of being:

  • A free home repair that includes a one year warranty.
  • A replacement for a new unit from another Samsung or other brand washing machine with free installation (being defective).
  • A redemption of units purchased in the last 30 days before the recall.

At the moment it is soon to know the economic cost of this product recall, but what is clear is that it probably arrives at one of the worst times and the cost in reputation will be higher than expected for the Note 7 incident.

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