Portable air conditioner: 9 models to avoid heat this summer

Portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioning systems are basic alternative of AC, and if it is convenient that we buy one and if they are as good as they promise. We also discussed some tips to install them and get the most out once we have them at home.

If after analyzing this information you have decided to acquire one of these equipment to avoid heat in summer, then we propose a selection with 9 interesting models from 199 dollars and for rooms from 10 square meters …

Saivod SAP718

Portable air conditioner

We started the list with a basic model designed for small rooms of between 10 and 12 square meters given its limited cooling capacity of 1,763 BTU per hour. It has dehumidification capacity of up to 1.25 liters / hour, timer and night mode.

The noise generated in low fan mode is 48 dB, with diagnostic system and automatic mode of operation. Its price? It is the most economical of the set and goes for about 199 dollars.


Portable air conditioner

The APD9-CRV2 is an air conditioner with energy efficiency classification A that can generate about 2,250 frig / h. It also incorporates heat pump and dehumidification and ventilation functions.

Its use is recommended for rooms up to about 20 square meters, comes with digital display and the negative point is that it generates a noise of 64 dB. Its price? It costs around 298 dollars.

Hisense AP-12DR4SFJS

Portable air conditioner

With a cooling capacity of 2,250 BTU per hour and an air flow of 380 m3 / h, this Hisense model has 3DC Inverter technology and A + energy efficiency. It has a heat pump and a heat output of 1,720 watts.

It comes with four modes of air conditioning, three speeds of ventilation and generates a noise of 65 dB. Its price reaches 308 dollars.

Orbegozo ADR 95

Portable air conditioner

With similar features we have this ADR 95, with cooling function of 2,250 BTU per hour and dehumidification of 1 liter per hour. It is capable of generating an air flow of 225 m³ consuming about 1,000 watts of power.

It has class A energy efficiency, comes with remote control and programmable 24-hour timer. Its price is around 349 dollars depending on the store and the offer.

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Haier AM12

Portable air conditioner

If we need more cooling power, this Haier model offers 3025 BTU / hour for surfaces of up to 22 square meters, with energy rating A and generating a noise of 49 dB. It also has dehumidification function and operation only as a fan without using the compressor.

It incorporates an automatic condensed water evaporation system, comes with remote control and adapter for installation in the window. Its price reaches 399 dollars.

Orbegozo ADR-120

Portable air conditioner

The ADR-120 model stands out above all for its compact square shape with less depth than usual and with total dimensions of 450 x 747 x 408 mm, considering spaces with difficulties to install a more conventional model.

It has a cooling capacity of 3,000 BTU per hour and dehumidifier of 2 liters per hour with an air flow of 300 m³ / hour. Its price is 385 dollars.

Daitsu APD-12HK

Portable air conditioner

If we want something more powerful and with more functionalities we can resort to the APD-12HK of Daitsu, with a power of cooling of 3,027 frig / h but also with function of heating of 3,027 kcal / h, suitable for surfaces of up to 22-25 square meters.

It has energy rating A / A + (cooling / heating), dehumidification function and a noise level of 49 dB. Its price reaches 515 dollars.

Olimpia Splendid DolceClima Silent 12

Portable air conditioner

With a cooling capacity of 2,408 frig / h, this Olimpia model has a dehumidification function of 1.1 liters per hour and a single air fan function.

It has a 12-hour timer, touch display, R410A refrigerant, a maximum energy consumption of 1.1 kW / h and a noise level of 38 dB, theoretically being the quietest on the list. Its price is around 629 dollars.

De’Longhi PACAN97

Portable air conditioner

With energy classification A in refrigeration, the P’can97 from De’Longhi offers a capacity of 2,675 frig / h with a dehumidification system of 36 liters per day.

It has a 24 hour electronic thermostat, a fan with three different speeds and a noise of 50 dB. Its price rises to 669 dollars.

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