A History of the Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the essential household items. Over 100 washing machine models are available today, and they can be used to wash most types of laundry.

Before the introduction of washing machines, people often washed their clothes in watercourses or public washhouses. A sketch of an early design washing machine was first seen in the January 1752 issue of Gentleman’s Magazine.

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The first washing machine was a wooden barrel containing laundry immersed in soapy water and inserted into a larger wooden box.

Another early invention was the ventilator. This consisted of a barrel-shaped metal drum with holes. When the drum turned above the fire, it raised the water’s temperature, making it more effective for washing.

Steam power was later used to create washing machines. These were mostly hand-powered but later became powered by electric motors. Today we enjoy the convenience of machines like the Bosch WKD28542GB Integrated Washing Machine. For more details, visit www.wellingtonshomeelectrical.co.uk/bosch-wkd28542gb-100071182.html

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The Hurley Machine Company created the first electric washing machine in 1908. Initially, these were manually operated, and an electric motor was bolted to the side of the device.

In the 1930s, Fisher invented the machine that used an enclosed drum. Unlike modern machines, it was anchored to the floor.

By the twentieth century, wooden tubs were replaced by metal ones. In 1928, the US sold 913,000 units.

Before washing machines, washing clothes was a communal ritual. Women and men would often wash in outdoor laundry areas. However, the work was back-breaking involving washboards and excessive scrubbing of the garments with bars of soap.

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