Sony HT-NT5, ultra-thin sound bar to place under TV

Sony HT-NT5

A few days ago Sony presented its new range of speakers and sound equipment multiroom compatible with Google Cast and designed to carry our favorite music to all corners of the home.

One of these teams barely details were given was the Soundbar HT-NT5, a model of upper-middle range of which we now known more data and technical specifications that we shall discuss below. » Read more

Searching for the best sound on the TV: The speakers to the bars and home cinema

Sound Bar

Jumping CRT TVs, traditional tube to LCD and plasma TVs (although the latter have already virtually passed away) has given us many advantages. LCD technology allows us to enjoy much thinner, lighter and larger diagonal screen devices. In addition, the image quality has improved greatly over the past decade, allowing TVs that can buy today offer a fantastic overall quality.

But not everything is advantages. There is a section that has come to pass unfavorably technology CRT to LCD panels: the sound. It really does not depend on the audio system used to restore images but is closely linked to the characteristics of the chassis of the TV, which acts as a sounding board. And LCD TVs is extremely thin, which imposes impossible to overcome physical limitations that clearly impoverish their sound. » Read more