Neato Botvac D7 Connected: A robot vacuum cleaner with integration of IFTTT recipes

The vacuum robots also have a gap in this IFA 2017, and their future seems marked by on-demand interactions through the IFTTT platform. So at least it is as seen by Neato Robotics, which has taken advantage of the Berlin fair to present its new Neato Botvac D7 Connected.

It is the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner in the catalog of the American brand, and has two main novelties the integration with the platform IFTTT and improvements in the mapping that will give you more control over the areas that will move the device.

Neato Botvac D7
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Improvements in planning and integration with IFTTT

Neato is one of the biggest players in the sector of robot vacuum cleaners along with companies such as iRobot, and has taken advantage of the framework of the IFA 2017 in Berlin to present the latest addition to its catalog. It is the Botvac D7 Connected, which represents a new step above its current D3 and D5 Connected.

One of the main novelties is the incorporation of the ‘MyFloorPlan’ technology. With it, when we connect to the mobile application to manage it we can see a map of our house and designate what areas we do not want to pass by drawing a line on the application. It comes to be something similar to what the physical barriers that usually have this type of devices, but directly from the app.

Neato Botvac D7
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The cleanup map of the application will also show all the sites the robot has vacuumed, and it will tell you about the problems or obstacles it may have encountered. In this way, if we see that it is not aspiring well we can know why.

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The Botvac D7 Connected also integrates with Apple Watch, Neato ChatBot of Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa and Google Home to give you more possibilities to control it, and integrates with the IFTTT platform. With this tool you can create your own control recipes and customize the way you handle the vacuum.

“The new integration with IFTTT gives the buyer the freedom to choose how integrated their robot wants in their connected home,” said Avril Murphy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This implementation is already beginning to be seen in other brands also this year, so Neato tries not to be late for the new trend.

Neato Botvac D7
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Beyond these features, the Botvac D7 Connected will also improve the accuracy of previous models when it comes to moving around the rooms, you will have better suction, high performance filters and a turbo mode. They have also improved the sweep mode and its finish to make it more resistant.

Price and availability

Neato Botvac D7 Connected will reach the market during the last quarter of 2017, although Neato has not specified the exact date. Its price will be about $899, which makes it very competitive to be below $1000 that exceed the flagship of its main competitors in the sector.

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