With this adaptive lock system you can control any door from your smartphone

When we talk about intelligent locks many may think at first in complicated systems or door locks. Expensive systems, almost of science fiction, something that as we see with the example that we treat now is not so far from the reality that we handle in our day to day.

And what if we could turn the house doors into smart doors with a simple accessory? That’s what the company proposes August Home with accessory August Smart Lock, a supplement that can run on any front door.

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The firm based in the United States has designed this system called August Smart Lock and allows attach it to a traditional door and allow control passing through our smartphone and a specific application. For this we will use the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The system operates utilizing the space of the existing lock or closure. Whether we have two locks, one of them with crank, as if we have one (is the most suitable) is to remove the mechanism that allows manual opening and replace it with this kit for which we have a lock and the necessary anchors.

No complicated tools are needed and after installing the lock just have to download the app, available for iOS and Android and calibrate the system of rotation before activating the lock, which as we say is done either by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This system is installed inside the door so the appearance of the door remains the same.

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In this way, we can have control access at home or at work but we are not present. In addition, it is a system that is compatible with most of these types of locks on the market.

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This system has however a but and is the price, since ** each unit of Smart Lock has a price of $229, a price almost equal to that of a door of average quality already mounted, so that its installation in all Doors of a house or a company can be an important cost.

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