Summer coming and without air conditioning at home? With these measures you can survive the summer heat

air conditioning at home

Summer is here, the most feared season of the year for those of us who are hot, but what if we can not use air conditioning to cope with the high temperatures? A problem, that’s true, but if we ignore the advice of grandmothers we see how it is not something that can not be remedied if we ignore some homemade tricks and others that progress has brought us.

Tricks that will help us to climatic our house of natural form, without having to make use of external elements and only learning to take advantage of what does not surround. A series of measures of which some apply safe in your home and that combined although they will not cool our house, if at least they will prevent it from getting too hot.


air conditioning at home

The main advice to maintain an adequate temperature at home in summer without having to use air conditioning is that it ventilates, but it is not something that we should do at any time. Early, when still in the street the temperature is pleasant, we must open windows and balconies or at the end of the night, if temperatures go down. And looking to create air currents.

That the fresh air still enters the house so that the interior atmosphere is renewed on the way. And when we begin to change the temperature in the street we begin to close windows and blinds. Even curtains. The purpose is that this renewed air does not escape, creating a kind of inner bubble favored by isolation. And if you have fans at home, use them to improve air circulation.

Look after the insulation

air conditioning at home

If you have old house closures, those that filter the cold and heat … may it be time to change them, right? PVC closures with multi-millimeter low emissivity carglass glass with argon gas and a combination of thermal aluminum louver shutters can be a good option to regulate the temperature at home.

And if we do not change closures and these are old, check as much as possible if there are leaks. If there are cracks, especially in wooden closures, which cause temperatures to flow and therefore heat or stored cold is lost. Have the silicone on hand to cover those cracks.

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air conditioning at home

If you are going to reform at home or you are just going to paint, look as much as possible to use light colors. Walls, doors, windows and shutters are best worn in white with heat, apart from the effect of rebound, by the feeling of freshness they produce.

Lighting at home

air conditioning at home

You may have lighting at home based on incandescent light bulbs or maybe halogen lamps. Have you ever considered switching to a LED luminaire? The reason is that the first two apart from spending more have a worse relationship heat generated and light produced.

They consume a lot to produce less light and in passing they give more heat. Something that is not noticed in only a few minutes but that we suffer when we use prologando of the same. Have not you noticed in some shopping malls or stores (testers are torture machines) that still use halogens?

Use of appliances

air conditioning at home

Using the washing machine or the dishwasher is better at night (if we can and the noise allows it) since these appliances generate heat in their operation, a higher temperature than residual mode they dissipate through the room they are in for hours .. until they cool down

The same happens with the computer or certain electronic devices. Leaving them on for hours and hours, even in standby mode, generates unnecessary heat (along with a higher light consumption). You can notice it when entering a room where a computer has been on all night. Do not miss the temperature change.

Space optimization

air conditioning at home

Do you have a two-story house? Does your apartment have more and less areas punished by the sun? It is time to consider living in another way. If you can sleep in a room where the sun does not “hit full”, go ahead, dare with it. Surely you will not have a high degree of heat stored in the walls, walls or ceilings and therefore the atmosphere will be more pleasant.

The same happens if you have several plants. Normally it is in the lower one where you will find the best temperature. It’s the closest thing to living in a cave house because of the lower temperature changes you’ll find. Less sunny, yes, but that is not what matters now.

They are only a few tips but surely they can be useful if your house is suffering from high temperatures and you do not have an air conditioning cooling system. Surely you have implemented one of these methods at some time. By the way, do you know anyone else?

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