This LG washing machine allows washing and drying at the same time and we can also control it remotely

LG is putting a great deal of emphasis on making “smart” a good part of its appliances. It is something we have already seen with the “Signature” range of luxury appliances, although at the Korean firm want to go a step further.

And that’s what they claim with the LG Twin Wash, a washer dryer that has as its main claim to be able to be controlled by the mobile. An attractive being able to know what is the state of the laundry while we are sitting on the sofa, although it is not the only interesting feature that brings.

LG washing machine
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At the entrance we find a washer dryer of great capacity thanks to the 10 kilos that it offers, which are distributed in its two drums, because this is another of the novelties that it offers, a system that allows to save on washing and drying already Be it water or energy and even allows to wash or dry simultaneously, white and colored clothes …

The capacity is 8 Kilos in its main drum and 2 Kilos in the secondary drum if we talk about washing, because as for drying the capacity is only 8 kilos in the main drum. And speaking of connectivity, the LG Twin Wash, as we have already mentioned, can be controlled from our smartphone. Also in the front we find a panel that can be oriented to facilitate its use.

LG washing machine
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To do this we must make use of the application SmartThinQTM that allows the control of the washer dryer from anywhere provided we have a Wi-Fi connection nearby. In addition, through this application we can download different washing programs with which to fill those already loaded.

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A washing machine in which LG has included proprietary technologies like 6motion Direct Drive to adapt the movements of the drum to the different fabrics or True SteamTM in which it combines water and steam during the wash for a better final result and to save on the use of softener.

LG washing machine
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And the smart capabilities are completed with the Smart Diagnosis system, a function by which it is enough to bring our smartphone to the washing machine so that the technical service can determine the possible damage. This is possible thanks to a sound that emits the washing machine and that the app is responsible for interpreting to transmit to the technical service.

Price and availability

The washing machine LG Twin Wash is framed within the 9 stainless steel range of LG and can be found in the market at a price that is significantly higher than other models on the market and approaching 1300 dollars.

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