Samsung carries a new washing system and an intelligent assistant for the wash to its new washing machine of the series 8

Talking about Samsung many times and equivocally leads us to think only of mobile phones or televisions. But no, let’s not be mistaken, because the Korean giant has a huge range of products and a huge appetite for becoming strong in niche markets that not until very recently were not very well known.

Samsung Washing Machine
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It is the case of the kitchen, an environment where it is increasingly common to see products of the brand and not only referred to microwave, perhaps the most affordable appliance. We speak of refrigerators, dryers or washing machines and as in this case that occupies us and being Samsung protagonist, there is nothing more to talk about cutting-edge technology.

The reason is the Samsung 8 series and the technology it incorporates. An own development of the Korean company that under the name of QuickDrive, allows to offer according to the manufacturer a reduction of the wash time of up to 50% and energy consumption by 20%, without harming the cleaning result in the slightest. According to Samsung we can wash clothes in 39 minutes.

Samsung Washing Machine
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This is due to the inclusion of a new drum called Q-Drum that now runs shifts from front to back improving the wash action. This complete movement to the traditional one that causes the clothes to go up and down the tub.

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It reduces in half the time to make a wash which at the same time makes us gain time, allows us to save on the bill of light. An improvement that is accompanied by the help of a new washing assistant equipped with artificial intelligence that responds to the name of Q-rator and with which three intelligent functions are provided to improve the washing process.

  • Laundry Planner: Allows you to adjust the finishing time of the laundry to our needs-
  • Laundry Recipe: Offers recommendations on the washing cycle, duration of the same, water temperature …
  • HomeCare Wizard: A system that monitors the washing machine remotely and warns us about problems that may arise.
Samsung Washing Machine
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The last of the technologies that we find as novelty is called EcoBubble, a development of Samsung that causes air and water to be mixed to generate small bubbles that enhance the effects of detergent and penetrate better in the tissues. This series 8 also makes use of the well-known AddWash door of Samsung that allows to add garments during any moment of the washing cycle, as well as detergent or softener afterwards.

Price and availability

A washing machine of which we do not yet have dates of arrival in the markets nor of the price with which it could appear, although, it is more than probable that seeing the catalog of washing machines approaches dangerously close to 1000 dollars.

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