5 Reasons to Consider Living in a Basement

Living in a basement may not seem an attractive proposition for many, but upon further reflection, there are a host of benefits to inhabiting such a space, as well as some of the obvious pitfalls.

Here are just some of the surprising advantages of renting a basement space, as well as those negative sides that every renter should consider curated by real money casinos:

Additional Storage Space

One of the biggest benefits of including a basement in your home plans is that doing so gives you additional storage space. You can turn a part of your basement into a pantry area, giving you plenty of room to stash cans of food, root vegetables, and other essential items. A basement can also house your home’s important appliances and equipment such as the furnace, water heater, and air conditioner. When equipment is housed in the basement, it’s usually easier to reach you and by any technicians who need to do work on it.

More Living Space

If you decide to include a basement in your custom home plan, you give yourself the option of having additional living space either immediately or in the future. You can choose to finish the basement when you build the house, turning it into an extra bedroom, workspace, or recreational area. Your home’s basement can also give you a safe place to take cover in the event of severe weather. During strong storms or when a tornado warning has been issued, you can seek shelter in the basement until the danger has passed.

Appreciates home value

Whenever you add or build extra space in your home, it has a positive bearing on the value of the property. You will be able to garner better returns if there is more space in your home. Potential buyers will usually see the worth of a basement apartment as much as you do, which places the value of your home above others, courtesy of https://www.casinous.com/best-payout-casinos/.

An additional source of income

Basement apartments are a great way to accrue additional monthly income. You can earn extra on a monthly basis by renting out your basement unit if you are not utilising the space for storage or any other purpose. If you are facing a problem in finding an appropriate tenant, you can consider renting it out to students as they look for affordable rental homes.


Most times, apartments on the ground floor or any upper floor provide less privacy. However, an apartment in the basement helps you enjoy more privacy even though you have to share the house or apartment with someone else.

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